All you wanted to know about Kubernetes, written by experts

Dive deep into the expertise of only-Senior team and get a fuller picture of Kubernetes industry.
Kubernetes vs. serverless: when to use and how to choose? — part 1
Nowadays, when it comes to development and hosting a modern application—or even the whole IT infrastructure...
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Alex Ivanov
June 2, 2021
Meet predictkube, an Ai-based autoscaler, in the Dysnix family
As we’ve mentioned in the previous article, for the last few months our developers have been working on products for Kubernetes-based projects...
min read
Leave the hardware alone!
Having worked in IT for 10 years I have realized...
min read
Migrating to kubernetes: benefits and best practices
Changing server architecture is always a big step for any project. Here at Dysnix, we lead most of our clients
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