In the spotlight of 2023: Content you liked the most

In the spotlight of 2023: Content you liked the most

Olha Diachuk
December 20, 2023

As we reflect on the progress and insights of 2023 at Dysnix and RPC Fast, it's clear that this has been a year of groundbreaking advancements in Web3, Kubernetes, and other tech domains we’re paying attention to. Our cases, best practices, and other materials mirrored the topics we were interested in the most, events that attracted our engineers' attention, and the most popular trends we couldn’t avoid. 

Hope you’ll find this recap handy, and stay tuned with us in 2024!

Our highlights from 2023

Nansen-Dysnix: Secured validator nodes case

Our work with Nansen is a testament to our expertise in blockchain infrastructure. 

That's what "tailored solution" is all about!

We tackled complex challenges with validator nodes to optimize and secure their blockchain environment, demonstrating our ability to deliver custom solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. 

Wand-Dysnix: DevOps consulting case

In our collaboration with, we took on the task of building a cloud underlayer agnostic architecture. This project underscored our commitment to versatility and robustness in the whole spectrum of consulting, from expert checks of the vitality of the business idea to architecture modeling and planning.

Wand-Dysnix DevOps architecture case

Continuing our collaboration with, we further developed the solution’s architecture, demonstrating our adaptability and innovative approach to creating scalable and efficient solutions for complex problems.

A short guide on Web3 infrastructure

Our comprehensive guide on Web3 infrastructure has been a cornerstone resource, helping novices and experts navigate the exciting world of decentralized technologies.

Brief explanations on our Web3 DevOps approach to app development

This year, we also delved into the complexities of Web3 application development with our clients. We decided to share the typical challenges in this domain and illustrate how our DevOps forces solve them.

Cloudflare vs. NEL story

In our quest for more accurate analytics, we compared Cloudflare with Network Error Logging (NEL) technologies in a practical example of our big client.

Read more about how 20 million of 408 errors have appeared 

Dysnix roadmap for MEV projects

The roadmap we laid out for MEV projects is a clear illustration of our strategic planning and foresight, essential in keeping our solutions relevant and impactful.

More details about our roadmap

Infrastructure for zero-knowledge blockchain products

Our best material on zero-knowledge proof mechanisms and exploration into the infrastructure for zero-knowledge blockchain products shows the skills of our blockchain experts and DevOps.

Read about how we have powered up infrastructure for zkSync

NFT Smart Contracts in details

Over at RPC Fast, we delved into the world of NFTs, gave instructions on how to create an NFT smart contract, and added more explanations on how you can use it. 

MEV bot explained

Also on RPC Fast, we explored the concept of MEV bots, providing insights into their operation and significance in the blockchain space from the point of view of a technical engineer.

Our CTO’s realm: Web3 DevOps Digest

This year, we were encouraging our always-busy CTO to spend some time sharing thoughts with friends, partners, and clients in the form of email. You can join and add his niche expertise into your arsenal here:

Review the 2023 emails

Looking ahead to 2024

As we approach 2024, our excitement mixes with hopes and expectations. We are committed to continuing our exploration and writing about the intricacies of Web3, Kubernetes, cloud, and blockchain technologies. 

Our journey is far from over, and we eagerly anticipate the new challenges and opportunities next year will bring. Stay tuned to our blog for more cool stories, insights, and breakthroughs as we delve deeper into these fascinating domains.

Olha Diachuk
Writer at Dysnix
10+ years in tech writing. Trained researcher and tech enthusiast.
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