Join Dysnix's Referral Program and get a 10% revenue share

Unlock new revenue sources by referring new clients to Dysnix. Whether you're a current client, a business consultant, or you just know a company that could benefit from our specialized services, this program is for you.

Here's how you can participate and earn a 10% revenue share:

Step 1
Fill out our online application to tell us more about yourself. Then receive a personalized referral link.
Step 2
Share the personalized link directly or initiate a joint chat in Telegram, Email, Slack, or any other convenient messenger to introduce Dysnix to the potential client.
Step 3
Once a contract is signed with the referred company, you earn a 10% revenue share from the project as a bonus.

Who makes a good referral

Emerging tech companies
Enterprise-level organizations
Venture-backed startups

How Dysnix can add value to referred companies

Web3 Infrastructure Services
Enhance blockchain projects with our Web3 infrastructure that offers high throughput, low latency, fault tolerance, autoscaling, and cost-efficiency.
DevOps as a Service
Optimize the software development lifecycle with our all-in-one packed DevOps services that include CI/CD pipelines, automated testing, and IaaS.
Custom Cloud Solutions
Get a tailored cloud strategy that includes architecture design, cloud migration, and ongoing management and meets all your project’s needs.
Blockchain App Development
Develop secure, scalable, and efficient blockchain applications of any complexity.

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