PancakeSwap x Dysnix Case Study

DEX infrastructure handling 100,000 RPS with 62.5x faster response.

Meet PancakeSwap

PancakeSwap is a popular decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Binance Smart Chain. It uses automated smart contracts to facilitate crypto swapping directly between users. PancakeSwap also offers features like staking and yield farming, allowing users to earn rewards on their holdings.

During events like airdrops, it experiences the massive traffic loads of more than 100,000 RPS, and our team created an infrastructure that can handle it with ease.

Issues we solved

Over $200K monthly estimated costs for maintaining the blockchain infrastructure
Regular downtimes of public endpoints
Uncontrollable latency spikes caused ~3270 ms delays for DEX users
Users got errors trying to send transactions using public BSC endpoints
Reduced costs on the infrastructure by 70%
Reduced the peak response time by 62.5 times
Stabilized infrastructure with 158 B requests per month
Achieved ~99.9% uptime
Decreased latency to ~80 ms

Solutions implemented by Dysnix

Blockchain Nodes Cluster
Fast and secure self-hosted cluster of geo-distributed blockchain nodes
Predictive AI nodes autoscaler
Proactive scale for perfect resources balancing with no lags and delays
JSON RPC Caching Proxy
Fastest and most secure connections for any blockchain project
Auto node rotation
Keeping all nodes healthy in the production environment

This case in the GCP spotlight

"Along with Google Kubernetes Engine, PreditKube solution from Dysnix accurately predicted more than 90% of traffic spikes on PancakeSwap, and automated up-and-down scale of blockchain nodes ahead of time to properly manage the anticipated traffic surge. This resulted in more than 30% of cost saving and slashed the peak response time by 62.5 times.
PancakeSwap: Supporting the DeFi ecosystem with an always-available infrastructure
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Daniel Yavorovych
Co-Founder & CTO
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