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We DevOps any K8s solutions

Dysnix is a boutique company providing DevOps solutions delivery and cloud consulting services with 100% Senior and Architect teams forcing Kubernetes, AI/ML, Blockchain technologies.
We cultivate secure, stable, well-tailored infrastructures for startups and enterprises and infuse industries with tech innovations.
We’re going beyond the traditional set of services of outsource IT companies and become a reliable consultant for your company in the time of global fluctuations.

The brief history of Dysnix

1 —
In 2016, we were in the crowd of DevOps enthusiasts who were witnessing the advent of Kubernetes.
2 —
Dysnix was founded by people united by the vibe of limitless possibilities of container orchestration tools and cloud computing technologies. Simultaneously, we’ve been mastering Blockchain that becomes one more passion of Dysnix (at that moment, Arilot) engineers. We directed all our efforts at experiencing and applying these new tools for the benefit of our clients.
3 —
Thanks to the efforts of our technical talents, we’ve got exploding growth of the projects that we were curating. Thus, we become specialized in two spheres–infrastructure and security.
4 —
In 2019, we started to enrich our expertise within AI/ML projects.
Today, Dysnix provides DevOps as a Service for companies from different industries, starting with Fintech, ending with Healthcare and Online Advertising. And we have vast experience in blockchain-based projects.
5 —
Our latest experience distills our product PredictKube that intersects the infrastructure and AI/ML technologies.

Core Team

Co-Founder, CTO
Co-Founder, COO
DevOps Lead
Senior DevOps engineer
Senior DevOps engineer
Senior DevOps engineer
Senior DevOps engineer
Senior DevOps engineer
Senior DevOps engineer
DevSecOps Lead
Senior Full Stack developer
Head of HR
Project manager
Content manager
Marketing manager
Sales manager
Marketing manager
Web designer

Dysnix provides services for the world's leading companies listed in Forbes 30 best startups rating

Also, we developed the Blockchain-ETL infrastructure under the patronage of Google, and we’re able to maintain the Visa-level product infrastructures.

In 2020-2021, our team was named the TOP Ukraine IT Consulting Company by Clutch providing outsourced IT solutions. In 2021 Dysnix was named as TOP Global Cloud Consulting Company.
We are proud that our clients reckon Dysnix among sustainable partners and acknowledge our input in their extremely efficient and secure scaling.
To build up IT landscapes with the intellectual power of passionate people, beneficially for business and community.


How we work
Simplify, then simplify again
Prioritize the vitality of your product, then care about documentation
Avoid doing the job for the sake of the job
Optimize and generate improvements constantly to keep up the pace
Bring mindful changes gently, but noticeable
How we build up relations
Ask for help or support, anytime
Put people needs first, then care about the process
Talk about discomfort and pain to get rid of it
Being flexible is better than being harsh
Being persuaded by arguments in civilized discussion is OK
What drives us up
Get inspired and recharged by beauty
Be fueled up with your job
Reach your goals by the peaceful means


Freedom & Responsibility
Is the right to express any thoughts while being in charge the consequences
Simplicity & Mindfulness
Is a constant habit of meaningful simplifying by saving essentials, optimizing resources, redusing costs
Care & Safety
Is human-centered approach applied in communications for cultivating a productive and friendlyatmosphere with colleagues and clients
Creation & Development
Is a strong will to be a pioneer and innovator instead of simply bearing a routine burden
Reliability & Vitality
Is a guarantee for providing only valuable and durable solutions

Social Responsibility

Initiating positive changes for people in need
Charitable foundation "Myrne Nebo" is more than 80 people committed to helping people in need. Because of the war, a huge number of civilian people, children, and the elderly found themselves in an incredibly difficult situation—being all alone under the air shelling.
We at Dysnix want to provide our defenders with all the necessary equipment: drones, thermal imagers, frost aid kits, body armor, Starlinks, and autonomous power supply systems.

Stand with Ukraine together!
Every day Ukraine’s Armed Forces defend our country fearlessly and devotedly, inspiring the whole world with their bravery. The most valuable consumables for Ukrainian warriors are powerful vehicles adapted for military purposes.

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