Polygon x Dysnix Case Study

Listing in GCP marketplace with implemented high-available RPC endpoint

Meet Polygon

Polygon is a blockchain network that addresses scalability issues on the Ethereum blockchain. It acts as a "sidechain," processing transactions faster and cheaper than Ethereum.

It allows developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) that benefit from Ethereum's security while achieving faster transaction speeds and lower fees. To provide such a speed to network users, Polygon needed viable throughput solutions, which Dysnix provided.

Results of our work

Multiple manual actions are required to build and run the blockchain node on the GCP VM
No public RPC endpoint
Manual unverified public snapshots
1-click blockchain deploy on GCP virtual machine
High-available scalable public RPC endpoint
Ready for GCP marketplace listing
Continuous verified public snapshots

Solutions implemented by Dysnix

JSON RPC Caching Proxy
Fastest and most secure connections for any blockchain project
Blockchain Nodes Cluster
Fast and secure self-hosted cluster of geo-distributed blockchain nodes
Public RPC endpoint
Custom RPC endpoint tuned for Polygon’s throughput
GCP marketplace compliance
We simply helped to meet the infrastructure requirements

Personal testimonials to share

The high-availability, security, and scalability of the public RPC endpoint we built with Dysnix ensure smooth operation for Polygon users. It's a critical piece for a thriving network, and our engineering team was excited to provide such solid infrastructure backbone for Polygon.
Daniel Yavorovych
Building infrastructure for zero-knowledge blockchain products
Daniel Yavorovych
Co-Founder & CTO
We managed to power up Polygon and can do the same for you. Interested?