NFTrends x Dysnix Case Study

Development of a platform providing digital scarcity for luxury goods and arts

Meet NFTrends

NFTrends is a unique platform specializing in blockchain-powered authentication and provenance tracking for luxury and art items. They utilize blockchain to track ownership and verify the authenticity of physical and digital assets throughout their entire lifecycle.

NFTrends acts as a secure vault, ensuring the immutability of ownership records for valuable items in both the real and digital worlds. We help them to create such functionality from scratch.

Basic services provided

Business idea validation
Interface design
Smart contract development
Core functionality features
Continuous support and further development
UX/UI design for both web platform and app
Digital Product Passports (DPPs) and Non-Fungible Digital Images (NFDIs) functionality
The Java Kotlin microservice architecture integrated with back end
Custom smart contracts
Blockchain infrastructure design based on scalability and security

Solutions implemented by Dysnix

Fullstack development
End-to-end blockchain app creation
Smart Contract development
Blockchain protocol coding expertise
Multiple environments deployment
DEV, STAGE, DEMO, and PROD environments in Google Cloud using the Terragrunt/Terraform
Microservice architecture backend
The Java Kotlin micro services with a Spring Boot framework
Secure endpoint connections
Secure and fastest possible connections with blockchain and the web using RPC Fast and Infura
Encryption key storage
Cloud SQL & Key Management Service ensured secure database management and encryption key storage
Interface for the real-time review of the current state of the project
Continuous support
Updates, improvements, and quick fixes for flawless performance

Direct speech from NFTrends

It's important to emphasize that this process isn't too simplistic. Indeed, it's designed to be somewhat complex, aligning with NFTrends' dedication to safeguarding precious artifacts from the sneaky hands of imitators and highly adept forgers, who use not just 3D printers but also AI technologies to fulfill their objectives. Yet, through our joint efforts with Dysnix, we've managed to devise a user-friendly interface that simplifies the procedures involving cryptography and blockchain entry generation into mere button presses.
Presentation of our case study on the official NFTrends LinkedIn account
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Daniel Yavorovych
Co-Founder & CTO
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