Unlock the power of Dedicated Nodes

Get customized, cost-effective node infrastructure with the best security and performance indicators

Leave the node infrastructure challenges to us

Hosting provider
Pulblic cloud, on-prem
Pulblic cloud, on-prem
Pulblic cloud, on-prem
Pulblic cloud, on-prem
Self-hosted infrastructure
Depends on setup
Real-time monitoring
Yes, tailored to the client
Yes, on the provider's side
Yes, on the provider's side
Yes, on the provider's side
Predictive automatic Autoscaling
Custom Web3 infrastructure solutions

Guaranteed pack of features from us as a node provider

Extra Speed
You have constantly low latency and less than 4 ms RPC response time.
5X Cost Reduction
You pay only for the nodes, no scaling bills.
Complete security
Security policy
Software-defined perimeter
Auto-updated node software
Smart caching
Your project spends resources optimally on the top level of productivity.
Our always-on dedicated nodes guarantee the best performance, user experience, and support.
The simplest pricing of blockchain node provider
A maintenance fee is included.
We optimize the TCO and cut your overall costs 5x times on average.

Choose the service pack that suits you most

Shared Nodes
For startups and SME projects
$0 - $1000
Natural latency
Standard security
Limited performance
Costs depend on traffic
Dedicated Nodes
For middle-sized projects
From $450
*From $1500 for Solana
Guaranteed resources
High security
Transaction simulation
High customization
24/7 dedicated support
Nodes Cluster
For large enterprise projects
From $2000
Ai-based autoscaling for better UX and reduced costs
Advanced MEV tools
Multi-regional deployment for optimized response time
High customization
24/7 dedicated support
Our engineers are ready to show the full potential of our nodes as a service customized to your needs.
Daniel Yavorovych
Co-Founder & CTO at and Dysnix

Additional perks to enjoy with your service pack

Autorotation of the unsynced nodes and recovery of broken nodes.
We can expertly customize nodes according to your requirements.
Our nodes use the JsonRPC Caching Proxy for swift performance.
Read the latest reviews on our work
Evgeny Medvedev
Chief Solutions Architect, Nansen.ai
See on Clutch
Dysnix has delivered a functional, operational, fail-safe, and reliable Ronin blockchain validator node, thanks to their strong understanding of the client's requirements and policies. They are receptive to client input and feedback and are eager to accommodate requests and changes to the scope.
Dmytro Haidashenko
CTO, Rarify
See on Clutch
Dysnix has delivered a well-structured infrastructure that allows the company to deploy their apps in Kubernetes by themselves. The team thoroughly follows the given workflow and pipeline of tasks, leading to an efficient process. Their responsible attitude to work and proactivity was commendable.
Alex Momot
Founder & CEO, Remme
See on Clutch
Dysnix provided a team of Blockchain experts that was always available to assist the client. They finished a product that presented new features in the company's crypto-asset exchange. As a result, the company now considers their deep involvement as an extension of their own team.
Alex Gluchowski
CEO, Matter Labs
See on Clutch
Dysnix contributed to the successful release of the company's product. They performed a custom auto-scaling solution to reduce the project's costs. The company now has the opportunity to earn a higher income and at the same time increase its likeability with speed and security as main offers.
Roman Cherednik
CTO, Financial Services Company
See on Clutch
Thanks to the efforts of the Dysnix team, the company was able to attract the attention of the general public. The currency is stable while maintaining the necessary flexibility with the support of experts in the industry. The team has proven itself to be a reliable long-term partner.
Dmytro Haidashenko
CTO, Shelf.Network
See on Clutch
In the first stage of their optimization plan alone, Dysnix managed to reduce infrastructure costs by 25%. They provide remarkable response times, which allows them to react to unforeseen situations. This makes them ideal for handling urgent tasks.
Roman Cherednik
CTO, Financial Services Company
See on Clutch
With Dysnix's relentless support, the company was able to adopt excellent security methods and develop exceptional server architecture. The team is responsible, talented, and diligent. Customers can expect a team who will exhaust all possibilities to achieve their goals.
Daniel Walker
CTO, Whispli
See on Clutch
Dysnix has helped the client in putting together a PoC. The client has around 30 stable and failover production environments and an easy-to-manage IaC. As a result, they are positioned as the only provider in the industry that can support multiple cloud technologies and single tenancy deployments.
Eli Osherovich
CTO & Co-Founder, Wand.AI
See on Clutch
Based on the client's requirements, Dysnix has built and implemented a reliable, flexible, and fail-safe architecture. The product will soon be launched, and the team continues to support and maintain the infrastructure. The communicative team understands the client's needs and meets expectations.
Knuth Rüffer
CEO, Scalors GmbH
See on Clutch
Thanks to Dysnix's efforts, they have built the defined development environments well. As a result, the client is able to expand their team and manage three projects successfully. They have provided solutions for issues effectively and simple answers to all inquiries. They have worked perfectly.
Eugene Fine
CTO, ExplORer Surgical Corp.
See on Clutch
Dysnix has developed a strong collaboration. Their team worked to implement the project and trained the in-house team. The management was very effective and their expertise was great.
Pavel Sher
CEO & Founder, NimbusWeb
See on Clutch
While the work is ongoing, the engagement thus far satisfies the client. The Dysnix team is able to understand and solve complex issues, which allows the company to resolve critical technical problems. They are communicative, trustworthy, and dedicated.
Denys Kravchenko
CTO, AdCel
See on Clutch
Dysinx is a great partner for the marketing technology company. The team is always immediately involved in solving problems. They are very attentive and quick to respond, providing several variants and tools as solutions.
Guy Gani
R&D Director, Techona
See on Clutch
The final solution was a reproducible, secure, and auto-scalable infrastructure for the company's gaming platform. Dysnix accomplished exactly what was required. A skilled team of experts, they functioned as a part of the in-house team and communicated the project's progress consistently.
Erin Driggers
Head of Cloud Engineering, Splice Machine
See on Clutch
The Dysnix did a good job of evaluating the resources they recommended for this engagement. They were knowledgeable, hard-working, skilled, and personable, meeting the client's expectations. Communication between both sides was quite smooth as well.
Eugene Fine
CTO, ExplORer Surgical Corp.
See on Clutch
The members continue to work collaboratively in order to generate a more secure infrastructure that is safer from vulnerabilities. Dysnix offers an utter understanding of the project coupled with impeccable field expertise. The client looks forward to achieving more project goals with them.

What is a Dedicated Node as a Service (DNaaS)?

Imagine you're the owner of a Defi development company, and you have a new Defi app to deploy. Regular cloud hosting might be acceptable during off-peak hours, but during peak traffic loads, your app can slow down or even crash, frustrating customers and losing valuable sales. This is where Dedicated Node as a Service by Dysnix comes in.
Imagine it as your private server in the cloud, customized for your needs and offering uninterrupted performance and security, just like having a dedicated physical server without the hassle of managing the hardware yourself.

How does Dedicated Node as a Service differ from other cloud services?

Regular cloud services are like shared apartments. You share resources with other users, leading to performance fluctuations and less control. Dedicated nodes service is like having your own private house in the cloud. You get exclusive access to all the resources, ensuring peak performance, enhanced security, and complete control over your server environment.

What are the benefits of using Dedicated Node as a Service?

  • Boost performance: Say goodbye to slow loading times and ensure your applications run smoothly, even during peak traffic, thanks to dedicated resources always available for your needs.
  • Fortify security: Keep your data safe with the added security features and isolation of a dedicated server.
  • Take control: Gain complete control over your server environment, allowing you to choose configurations and the necessary software. Dysnix can customize any whimsical node you need.
  • Autoscale with ease: We set the autoscaling for your resources to set only the level your project needs right now without worrying about complex infrastructure changes.
  • Focus on your business: Ditch the hardware headaches and free up your IT team to focus on core business priorities.

What are some traditional use cases for Dedicated Node as a Service?

  • Hosting mission-critical applications: Ensure the smooth operation of applications that must be 100% up, quick, and secure.
  • Running resource-intensive workloads: Power through the ICO events, complex calculations, data analysis, or rendering tasks with dedicated resources.
  • Hosting private networks: Create secure, isolated environments for internal applications or collaboration tools.
  • Deploying specialized software: Run software with specific hardware requirements that might not be compatible with shared hosting environments.

How does pricing typically work for Dedicated Node as a Service?

DNaaS pricing is similar to renting an apartment – you pay for what you use. The cost depends on the specifications of your dedicated node (CPU, RAM, storage), the duration of service, and any additional services or features you need.
Regarding Dysnix, the pricing is transparent, no scaling bills, and everything is entirely customizable for your requirements.

What level of customization is available with Dedicated Node as a Service?

With Dysnix NaaS, you're the landlord! You can customize various aspects of your server or leave that to our engineers:

  • Hardware specifications: Choose the processing power, memory, and storage capacity to match your application needs.
  • Operating system: Install the operating system you prefer, whether Windows Server, Linux distributions, or custom options.
  • Networking configurations: Set up your network environment to meet security and connectivity requirements.
  • Additional services: Enhance your server with managed backups, security software, and monitoring tools.

But remember that we advise you to consult with our engineers before making any decisions regarding your infrastructure. We’ll be glad to help you with the full spectrum of our best practices and the expertise of our Senior-only team.

How is security ensured for the dedicated nodes provided by Dysnix?

At Dysnix, we implement robust security measures to protect your dedicated nodes and data, including:

  • Network isolation through software-defined perimeter: Your server is kept separate from other users, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Encryption: Data is encrypted at rest and in transit, adding an extra layer of protection.
  • Firewall and intrusion detection/prevention systems: These tools actively monitor and block malicious traffic attempts.
  • Up-to-date software: We install all security updates without your additional attention to this point.
  • Security policy: Our nodes are protected according to the top-level security policy.