Nansen x Dysnix Case Study

Custom blockchain infrastructure that solves 120% of tasks.

Meet Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform that helps traders and blockchain projects let no essential changes and trends happening in the blockchain go unnoticed.

They process the petabytes of trading data circulating in their systems daily to provide the most valuable insights to their customers 24/7. We made this infrastructure that processes those petabytes without breaking a sweat.

Challenges we’ve overcame

Blockchain consulting and custom solutions
Secured Ronin Validator Nodes
Ronin archive nodes deployment
Deployment, support, and maintenance
Entirely secured Ronin Validators Nodes protected with sentry nodes with RPC features
Backups and snapshots installation, Infrastructure as code, Deployment as code
Node optimization, e.g., each archive node updates in 15 min instead of 3 hours
Monitoring in Grafana, regular check-ups, automatic updates

Solutions implemented by Dysnix

Secure Ronin Validator Nodes
Isolated yet completely functioning validator node with custom and extended features
Sentry Nodes
A reverse blockchain proxy connected to the internet and our validator node
Archive Nodes
Fast and complete access to all blockchain data for analysis purposes
Secure Environment
The project is completely secured and 99.99% available for the clients
Access policy
Distributed access roles for the end users to secure data according to review/edit rights
Interface for the real-time review of the current project state
Continuous support
Updates, improvements, and quick fixes for flawless performance
Infrastructure as Code
Code form of the project's entire infrastructure to easily control and navigate changes

The direct speech from our client

Evgeny Medvedev
Chief Solutions Architect,
See on Clutch
Dysnix has delivered a functional, operational, fail-safe, and reliable Ronin blockchain validator node, thanks to their strong understanding of the client's requirements and policies. They are receptive to client input and feedback and are eager to accommodate requests and changes to the scope.
Daniel Yavorovych
Co-Founder & CTO
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