Building a reproducible, secure, and auto scalable infrastructure for gaming business platforms

Since 1998, Techona has led the way in the online gaming industry not just as designers of games and interfaces, but rather as the engineers of complete gaming business platforms. They are highly interested in building up a reliable gaming infrastructure for each project. Techona contacted and hired Dysnix to overcome its constraints to growth.

Business Task

As we told before, Techona was created by a group of talented engineers specialized in gaming platforms. But for the last 5 years, they admit the lack of infrastructure expertise for a huge modernization inside their team. So they need a professional review from the outside to find even the slightest weak points and remake them into strong ones. Dysnix got the following tasks:

  • Optimize and speed up the maintenance of the cloud gaming infrastructure;
  • Improve infrastructure protection and make it secure from hacking and cyber-attacks;
  • Prepare a more attractive product to present for current and new partners.

All these tasks were a modest challenge for Dysnix, so we started a decomposition of business tasks inside our technical team and the team of Techona to bring all the changes smoothly and simultaneously. Three engineers in total were dedicated to this project.

The tasks of the Dysnix team was to:

  • Design and create a new infrastructure from scratch using the most advanced technology stack
  • Conduct the TCO optimization
  • Develop a technical solution to scale the platform easily
  • Achieve a high fault-tolerance level and gaming security of infrastructure
  • Ensure the early warning of possible technical problems

Solutions we provided:

  • A highly available, cost-effective, multizone, and scalable Kubernetes-based server infrastructure in GCP with private topology and a high level of cloud infrastructure security
  • Real-time monitoring and timely alerting systems with custom business metrics
  • Logs aggregation system with simple user interface

Value delivered by Dysnix

  • A cost-effective infrastructure solution to scale the gaming platform—the main need of Techona
  • Additional confidence and a low level of stress during the cooperation. Our client got all information about the project's progress during weekly demos
  • Effective project management from Dysnix based on the Agile / SCRUM methodologies, which allowed to complete the project on time
  • Full integration of the Dysnix team into the project and the company not as an outsourcer, but a single, in-house team, which is essential at that stage of the implementation
  • Trained in-house team for using new developed solutions by Dysnix

The current state of cooperation

The Dysnix team continues to back up the project to keep the infrastructure updated, come with new ideas for improvement, answer the questions of the in-house team, review the logs and support the overall project.

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Migration to a secure, auto-scalable, and highly-available multizone infrastructure

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