Development of a Secure Infrastructure from Scratch for a New Fintech Product launch

Innovative FinTech Platform for banks, ecommerce & retail. Digital Bank, Event Payments, Wallet Engine, Loyalty Program. offers a core banking platform to delight your customers and take the lead in the open banking world.

Business Task

  • Design and create a new infrastructure from scratch applying the most advanced stack technologies
  • TCO optimization
  • Develop a technical solution for easy platform scaling
  • Achieve high fault-tolerance of infrastructure and its security


  • Building a highly-available, secure, scalable Kubernetes-based server infrastructure in AWS with private topology
  • Building a cost-effective infrastructure
  • Design and implementation of the monitoring system

Value delivered by Dysnix

  • Dysnix specialists worked as a single team replacing the in-house team that the customer planned to hire from the project beginning
  • Building of a high-available, secure, and scalable server infrastructure for a new Fintech product
  • Effective project management from Dysnix based on the Agile / SCRUM methodologies, which allowed to complete the project on time
  • Complete integration of the Dysnix team into the project and the company not as an outsourcer, but a single in-house team, which is essential at the stage of the implementation of solutions
  • Trained the in-house team on how to use the developed solutions


Infrastructure for a new Fintech product was developed from the ground up, secured from hacking, cyber-attacks, minimized from downtime for service.

Project duration
Our team
Technologies used








Services provided

Cloud consulting

Infrastructure Development and Optimization

Logging, Monitoring & Alerting systems integration

Mentorship of in-house team