Dysnix provided Kuna Exchange with consulting services for building a highly available client-server architecture

Kuna Exchange is the best way to buy and sell cryptocurrency in Eastern Europe.

Business Task

In-house tech team required consulting and best practice in building and monitoring fault-tolerant server infrastructure with high-security level which would protect cryptocurrency wallets from being hacked. The Dysnix (formerly Arilot) team has embarked on this task (with energy and commitment).


  • Building high-available and scalable server architecture on the basis of GCE and Kubernetes with private topology
  • Designing and creating security and encryption systems
  • Building Gitlab-based CI/CD with limited access to k8s cluster
  • How to run no downtime deployments

Value delivered by Dysnix

  • Dysnix team provided comprehensive analysis and recommendations for building a highly available client-server architecture.
  • We provided advice on building a secured environment at all stages of the project.
  • Dysnix team participated in the development of project documentation


We helped Kuna and their in-house tech staff to build high-available and scalable server architecture and adopt integrated security methods using the most advanced solutions and technologies in the field of cryptocurrency

Project duration
Our team
Technologies used



Gitlab CI

Google Cloud

Hashicorp Vault



Services provided

Kubernetes cluster with private topology

CI/CD limited cluster access

Rolling update no downtime deployments

Hashicorp Vault integrated