Cloud Consultancy & DevOps Support for a Saas Management Platform

Nimbus Web has been developing various Internet products for over 6 years: services, browser plug-ins and applications for mobile device. Over this period, dozens of products eere created, currently being enjoyed by millions of users. With Nimbus Web Inc. you can collaborate and conveniently share information with your friends and coworkers. Nimbus Web Inc. offers three integrated services to provide you with endless opportunities to organize and utilize information.

Business Task

At the beginning of the partnership, Dysnix helped to build an AWS-based cloud infrastructure from scratch for two company projects: and With the products' growth and their launch to new niches, it became necessary to carry out technical scaling and migration to Kubernetes. The Dysnix team provided consultancy support during the migration process, which took place successfully in 2020.

For the duration of the collaboration, Dysnix helped to provide:

  • Projects' stability through high availability of infrastructure
  • Easy server infrastructure maintenance by the in-house team
  • In-house team mentoring
  • Preparation of the application to be available on the AWS marketplace


  • Development of a scalable and highly-available server infrastructure
  • Kubernetes implementation
  • Creation of an automatic monitoring system

Value delivered by Dysnix

  • High response time to events and prompt consultancy as part of the support contract
  • Regular support on additional DevOps expertise for the in-house team
  • Help with the product development about the engineering part
  • Help with the sales platforms' customization
Project duration
Our team
Technologies used






Services provided

Cloud consultancy

Infrastructure development and optimization

Mentorship of the in-house team

CI/CD set up