Dysnix Team Returned a Stolen Million USD to the Company in Four Hours

A Los Angeles based large financial company that deals with the emerging crypto-currency and token-based capital markets. We can't disclose the name of company according to NDA.

Business Task

The company's CTO addressed our CTO & Cloud architect with an urgent issue on a Sunday at 11 p.m. Their platform was hacked, and their project hot-wallet was emptied into external Bitcoin wallets. The damage dealt was estimated at 1 000 000 USD. We were set the task to return the entire sum or at least a part of it.


  • Our chief architect, who is also our CTO, analyzed the situation, and his excellent expertise and deep understanding of crypto-currency operations helped him to take urgent action to prevent the complete loss of the money.

Value delivered by Dysnix

  • 1 000 000 USD returned in full to company's wallets in 4 hours.
  • A script has been written and uploaded here to prevent similar cases.


The company's issue was resolved completely. Apart from returning the money, we increased the security of the project and signed a contract for 24/7 technical support with a demanding SLA.

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