Kubernetes-based infrastructure from scratch for Blockchain company with ~50% cost decrease

Remme is about delivering a new security standard. They are building the Distributed Public Key Infrastructure protocol and PKI-enabled apps to address the challenges of the Web 3.0. Remme's products tackle the ever-increasing issues related to security, authentication and digital certificate management.

About develops DEX solutions for liquidity management, trading, and MEV protection.

Business Task

Our partner reached Dysnix with an idea for a new product named Our task was to build a highly available and secure infrastructure from scratch in 6 weeks, which can be further scaled for multiple services and environments.

The Dysnix team’s task was to:

  • Build a high-available, scalable, fault-tolerant, multi-tenant, and secure Kubernetes-based infrastructure from scratch in GCP using GKE.
  • Set up a CI/CD system.
  • Configure monitoring, logging, and error reporting.

Solutions we provided:

  • Building a highly-available, secure, and scalable Kubernetes-based infrastructure in GCP;
  • Implementation and support of Infrastructure as code using custom-written Terraform and Terragrunt modules for this project;
  • Creation of customized Helm сharts for the client's services;
  • Continuous Deployment to multiple environments using Helmfile;
  • Fully automated CI/CD system using CloudBuild;
  • Deployment and maintenance of multiple blockchain nodes;
  • Design and implementation of essential monitoring and alerting systems for critical issues.

Values delivered by Dysnix:

  • Fastest time-to-value: We built a complete infrastructure from scratch and deployed all clients' microservices in development and production environments in 3 weeks instead of 6 weeks.
  • Vast knowledge sharing: We provided continuous mentoring and consultancy of the in-house team for DevOps and architecture-related issues, consultations about the deployment and maintenance of blockchain nodes in the Kubernetes environment
  • Implemented variability: We settled up continuous Deployment in up to six environments.
  • Options for future improvements: Easy changes, support, and project recovery with Infrastructure as Code in GCP.
  • Fast and solid deployment of multiple environments with similar services.
  • Continuous cost optimization with ~50% cost decrease based on resource balancing.  
  • Support service: Back up the project with the shortest response time during any events.
Project duration
Our team
Technologies used



CloudNAT, CloudBuild

Terraform, Terragrunt

Helm, Helmfile

Services provided

Building the infrastructure from scratch

Cloud and blockchain consultancy and improvements


Infrastructure as code, six active environments

Deployment as code, 80+ microservices per one environment, and their number is growing