Short DevOps News Digest, Vol.1

Short DevOps News Digest, Vol.1

Olha Diachuk
February 16, 2023

Hey there, DevOps enthusiasts! Want to stay in the know about the latest news in the industry? Check out these five exciting updates that we've rounded up just for you! From modernizing Java applications to new vulnerabilities in Microsoft's OAuth application, get into it with a cup of coffee to stay up-to-date on all the latest happenings in the DevOps world!

Organizations Prioritizing Java Application Modernization

A recent survey by Vanson Bourne found that modernizing existing Java applications is a higher priority than other projects for 87% of respondents, with over 80% expected to be re-engineered in the next 5 years.

The survey also found that enterprises plan to invest 45% of their software development resources on modernizing existing applications versus developing new ones.

If organizations don’t modernize Java applications, more than half of respondents (51%) said too much time would be spent on unproductive coding, while 50% said development velocity would be adversely affected.

Whether organizations are modernizing existing Java applications or writing new ones, the one thing that appears certain is that the venerable programming language isn’t about to disappear any time soon. 

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OpenAI Hires 1,000 Low-Wage Coders

OpenAI has been making headlines for aggressively hiring inexpensive overseas developers to train their AI tool, Codex, behind GitHub Copilot. However, there are concerns over whether this tactic is legal and ethical.

If OpenAI loses its court battle over alleged violations of open-source licenses, it may have to develop a new model for Copilot. However, the quality of the model will depend on the quality of the training data.

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New Vulnerability in Microsoft's OAuth Application

Adaptive Shield security researchers found a new attack vector that allows attackers to create hidden forwarding rules in Microsoft 365 mailboxes through a vulnerability within Microsoft's OAuth application registration. This attack can be executed using Exchange's legacy API, which poses a significant threat to organizations. 

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Red Hat & Google Cloud

Red Hat's Ansible Automation Platform is now available on Google Cloud to simplify multi-cloud management. With pre-integrated services such as Google Virtual Private Cloud, security groups, and load balancers, IT teams can consistently apply automation across multiple cloud and on-premises environments. Ansible is widely embraced by IT vendors and cloud service providers, creating unrivaled automation content. As IT environments become more complex, automation is becoming essential. 

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Did you hear the latest from Wiz, the cloud security experts? 

More than half of organizations (57%) use multiple cloud platforms, with 22% using three or more. Despite this trend, the report notes that the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud still dominates, with 72% of all workloads running on this platform.

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