Dysnix Helps Cryptonomos to Successfully Carry Out 8 ICOs

Cryptonomos is an ICO service platform. They offer startups and other companies looking to capitalize on ICOs a simple platform which can be used both to launch new token crowdsales, and to service existing tokens. Cryptonomos has 9 successfully carried out ICOs on its record.

Cryptonomos offers services which encompass everything from token structuring, book building and eventual listing of tokens as well as smart contract management.

At the moment, Cryptonomos offers a turnkey solution and they are working on a stand-alone book building and listing, which could be used as a primary tool or in conjunction with startup's own resources.

Business Task

Dysnix (formerly Arilot) was invited to Cryptonomos team by Olesya Egozina, Cryptonomos COO, with whom we had successfully worked on other projects. The company was launching several ICOs, and they needed high availability server architecture with advanced security. They also needed our expertise and assistance with developing blockchain-based software.


  • Conducted an in-depth analysis of business tasks, project issues and its architecture
  • Offered the client more up-to-date technologies and implemented them in the project
  • Built high-availability scalable server architecture on the basis of AWS and Kubernetes
  • Implemented our own solution - Kuberstack, which makes the project almost 100% fault-free
  • Enforced the project security by exercising multiple-level network traffic control
  • Developed test environment for the efficient usage of applications and working with crypto-currencies
  • Took over customer's in-house developers management

Value delivered by Dysnix

  • The customer successfully carried out 3 ICOs simultaneously
  • We made it possible to reach the project's high availability time up to 99,99% thanks to the implementation of our solution - Kuberstack
  • We built high availability scalable server architecture to save the money on different traffic flows
  • Exercised multi-level network traffic control to prevent DDOS attacks, which often target financial platforms


We helped Cryptonomos to launch 8 fault-free ICOs so far and have continued to work as with them as partners and run their developers' team. We are working hard on technical improvement of company's business tasks. In 2017 we signed a long-term contract with Cryptonomos for the project's 24/7 technical support with a demanding SLA.

Project duration
Our team
Technologies used



Docker Registry + S3



Smart Contract






Services provided

Gitlab + CI/CD

CloudFlare with Dysnix's own solution for CD and cache invalidation

ElasticSearch HA cluster in Kubernetes

Monitoring & Alerting