SportsbookCloud Case: A Month to Fix Issues that Seemed Unsolvable for Six Months

SportsbookCloud is a Cloud-based innovative iGaming-Platform offering the most powerful and flexible omni-chanel solution with unlimited scalability for your Gambling and Sportsbetting operation.

Business Task

SportsbookCloud platform had major issues with its server architecture. Constant server failures had a negative impact on project's image and investors' trust. The in-house developers could not migrate the project to Docker-based high availability environment: they were trying for six months, but failed.


  • Current server problems analysis
  • Our own solution (Kuberstack) adaptation and implementation in the project which provided the project with high availability and advanced security as well as autoscaling
  • Complete standardization and unification of all the environments (at the time there were four production environments and development+staging)
  • Running the in-house developers team

Value delivered by Dysnix

  • The project is capable of withstanding a 5000 pts traffic inflow, and the autoscaling feature saves customer's money at low loads
  • The platform is protected from hacks and cyberattacks
  • Now the new environment with all its additional services deploys in several hours, no matter what functional modules are involved


It took us just a month to cope with all tasks that the in-house developers could not solve for six months and to fix their mistakes. Besides, our solution made customer's project 99.9% highly available, protected and autoscalable.

Project duration
Our team
Technologies used

Kubernetes + Bare metal

Services provided

Gitlab + CI/CD