Clutch: Dysnix is the 2nd top it consulting company in Ukraine

Clutch: Dysnix is the 2nd top it consulting company in Ukraine

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Anastasiya Manina
February 23, 2021

Dysnix team is honored to be named a Top-2 Ukraine IT Consulting Company in Ukraine by Clutch, an international technology consultancy and one of the biggest B2B rating platforms in the world.

Recently, our company has also been listed among the Top-10 Ukraine Cloud Computing Consultants, Top-10 Ukraine Cybersecurity Consulting Companies and Top-10 Managed IT Service Providers in Ukraine.

We are grateful to our partners located worldwide for giving their in-depth feedback and considering our company as a reliable partner in DevOps, DevSecOps, and Cloud Consulting.

Our team continues to widen its expertise and increase a range of services to help tech companies scale their businesses efficiently and securely from the bottom line. We keep developing our core Kubernetes expertise that is already confirmed by certificates and successful integration of this cutting-edge technology into 30+ complex projects since 2016.

If you choose the way of scalability using Microservices Architecture or need Consultancy on Cloud Migration, Customized Cloud Solutions Development, ping us up! Our special DevOps forces unit will master any challenges you can face.

Anastasiya Manina
Head of Marketing at Dysnix
It's a pleasure to bring good news!
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