Five-fold reduction of time-to-market of 5 interrelated healthcare projects

Scalors GmbH is a software nearshoring company with a headquarter in Germany and development center in Kyiv.

Business Task

Dysnix's task was to carry out a complete migration of 5 projects to Kubernetes; increase fault-tolerance of their infrastructures using Kubernetes; reduce time-to-market by up to 5 times, and also achieve it as securely as possible.

Dysnix built a scalable infrastructure that would integrate 5 interrelated projects with 15 environments from the Healthcare and Fitness industries. They also had to ensure the centrally organized, seamless, and timely updating of these projects and undertake their releases.

The Dysnix team's task was

  • Infrastructure optimization, its fault-tolerance increase
  • Setting up CI/CD system
  • Infrastructure cost optimization by 20-30 percent
  • Implementation of the Infrastructure as Code approach


  • Building a highly-available, secure, and scalable Kubernetes-based server infrastructure in Digital Ocean
  • Building a cost-effective infrastructure
  • Full implementation of Infrastructure as Code using Terraform
  • Fully automated CI/CD system
  • Design and implementation of monitoring and alerting systems with custom business metrics
  • Building a log aggregation system with a user interface and alerting tools
  • Continuous backup of sensitive data

Value delivered by Dysnix

  • Continuous mentoring and consultancy of the in-house team
  • Custom solution development for easy maintenance of 5 different projects with 15+ environments
  • Together with the in-house team, Dysnix continues supporting the project with a high response time to events
Project duration
Our team
Technologies used

Digital Ocean


Terraform, Terragrunt

Helm, Helmfile, Helm-Secrets


Prometheus, Grafana, AlertManager


Services provided

Cloud and Security Consulting


Infrastructure as Code