2022-2023: Years that we won't forget

2022-2023: Years that we won't forget

Daniel Yavorovych
January 15, 2023

It’s almost impossible to do summaries this year. As a company of Ukrainian origin, with most Ukrainians working for us, we met the scarcities of the war, of unbearable cruelty and non-human violence that took the homes of part of our team and forced them to move from their beloved regions.

But anyway, this story will have a happy ending, and thanks to our partners and clients, we have a lot of achievements we’d like to share with you in this article.

How 2022 started for the Dysnix team

In February, russian invaders attempted to get our land bringing chaos, terror, and mass murders instead (so-called “russian peace” or “russian culture,” if you like). Sounds of explosions woke us up, and panic ruined everything stable and reliable that was our routine until that terrifying moment.

Just believe that running from tanks isn’t an experience you ever want to get. But when it happened, we knew only one—we had to save our families, help our colleagues to save their lives, and contact our partners with fear of hearing no one was on the line. 

That is how we can now describe our reality at the beginning of 2022. A few terrifying days felt like months.

How we adapt and start working even harder

During this time, we cared about our work too. We handle our working calls on railway or petrol stations, staying in hotels, in the middle of nowhere, where our clients won’t hear explosions or sounds of missiles. We worked at night and drove thousands of miles by car during the day. 

Thank you for your understanding and support during that difficult time. With your attention to our situation, we had a chance to prove our capabilities and solve the issues at a slightly more manageable pace. 

The second part of a year might be called an adaptation period. After our families found places to live in safe or relatively safe cities in Ukraine or abroad, we started reconsidering our situation and business in the new reality. We stated the following matters as the most important:

  1. Our obligations regarding clients’ projects are untouchable; we have to continue working and providing the highest quality of services under any circumstances.
  2. The lives of our colleagues matter more than strict working schedules, in-house meetings, bureaucratic procedures, etc. Let’s recover and work without stressing out and overthinking processes. 
  3. Today is the day to be such a hero in everyday working routine as those who protect our fragile peace at the frontlines. It’s our direct obligation to donate and assist them maximally, as also those Ukrainians in need that lose their homes and relatives. 

Results and achievements of 2022

Website renovation

Thanks to the efforts of the marketing team, we completed the renovation of our official website. Now, it reflects the services, products, and solutions we offer our clients. 

Updates you might have missed:

  • Solutions: Do you need to set up full-cycle ETL of any complexity? Now it’s available at Dysnix solution storage! Or maybe, you’re looking for a reliable MLOps team to support your project. It would be great for us to help you. Other solutions we’ve prepared for you are GraphQL solutions for blockchain and Kubernetes Pentesting based on our vast experience. We’ve developed these narrow-specialized solutions with visible results right after implementation. 
  • Products: You might have already met PredictKube, the predictive autoscaler for Kubernetes, or JSON RPC Caching Proxy, the tool that reduces latency on any project. Another product released this year was RPC Fast, the fastest geo-distributed high-available Blockchain API for any Web3 project. 

Our team shares the success of RPC Fast implementation with the Velas project, as they believe in our tool developed based on our experience and infrastructure innovations.

Be sure to try RPC Fast out for free as well!

Official recognition

So, moving forward in these directions, we get unexpected results that we couldn’t even imagine. For example, we earned a new badge from Clutch based on feedback from our clients, and we can’t stop thanking them for such activity! 

Guys from Nansen, Gotbit, Rarify, Wand.AI, and many others, you all are impeccably fantastic to work with; we’re happy you selected us for this most challenging year!

We also continue to be a part of the Linux Foundation and participate in Kharkiv IT Cluster to enforce their charitable activities and help even more people deal with war consequences. 


We proved ourselves as loyal, innovative, reliable problem-solvers for Web3, fintech, blockchain, and other industries. 

To handle this challenge of our client’s expectations, we must deal with another problem: lack of energy supply. When russia stroke the energy system of Ukraine, we find the solution to secure our team and provide them with means for life and work: Starlinks, energy generators, accumulators, etc. Thus, we guarantee that all our SLA levels will be provided, and your projects will get 100% of our dedicated attention.

Also, we had some bright moments this year. Aside from the happiness of being alive after each air raid alarm, we were happy to meet almost the entire team at the Carpathian mountains and get a deep reload surrounded by nature and the beauty of summer.

Carpathian meetup, summer 2022

Oh, you can’t even imagine how we missed being together already!

Support, charity, and donations

Also, we managed to launch a website about our charitable activities, so you can also see what initiatives we support. Everybody on our team believes our social impact is precise and valuable for people in danger and need. Each saved life is a gift for us, the best reward for the hard work we conduct daily to support ourselves, our families, and other people in Ukraine.

What we expect to reach in 2023

Our biggest expectation, a great wish, is to win over russian invaders and get off our land as soon as possible, so millions of Ukrainians can return home and just survive. We dare to dream and plan our lives even in these challenging times because we have no right to give up. First, because of those who have fallen for our independence and those currently fighting for Ukraine.

Regarding our business plans, everything stays relatively the same, “harder, faster, better, stronger:”

  • Become a win-win partner for a company with extraordinary infrastructure challenges and prove our expertise.
  • Participate in a global event (like the Kubecon) with a tech speech, delivering ideas and bravery in technical innovations and problem-solving.
  • Launch Dysnix Academy, the educational program for students that will help young minds overcome more challenges and learn a lot at the sandbox created by our experienced Senior-only mentorship.
  • Continue working with our DevOps as a Service, FinOps, and DevSecOps directions. Contact us if you’re interested in any of them!
  • Grow the team x1.5: we’re always looking for new talents to join our team. If you’re one of such, check out our Career page with the latest updates!
  • Work over our existing and future products: add more functions to the PredictKube, JSON RPC Caching Proxy, and the youngest one—RPC Fast. 

We hope you gain success and peace of mind this year. Let your family stay well, and the work goes smoothly. 

Keep your fingers crossed for Ukraine and our victory!

Best wishes,

Daniel from Dysnix.

Daniel Yavorovych
CTO and Co-founder at Dysnix
Brainpower and problem-solver, meditating and mountain hiking.
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