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GraphQL solutions by Dysnix: Configure and deploy any custom subgraphs

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Custom subgraphs for NFT
We can create any custom subgraph for any needs, including NFT.
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Our team provides GraphQL services for blockchainof any type with the same quality.
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You can order the exact GraphQL solutions for both self-hosted or SaaS-based environments.

GraphQL for blockchain services: Stages of implementation

Deployment of the blockchain node
Fast indexing and ready-to-use setup
Deployment of subgraph for custom contract

Choose the ready packs of GraphQL services for any EVM blockchains, including the following:

We support each GraphQL solution with a custom offer for your project specifically.

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FAQ: exciting facts to discover

If you don’t find the answers you are looking for, contact us directly to clarify your doubts regarding implementing GraphQL for blockchain services at Dysnix.

What is a GraphQL service?

The GraphQL services for blockchain are provided to simplify access to the data from the blockchain. It becomes possible to get this information thanks to GraphQL technology, that’s the most efficient solution to this problem. By applying GraphQL, we create a custom subgraph over the blockchain that requests the required data and presents it in the needed format. This approach simplifies getting information from the blockchain and makes it ten times faster. You can order GraphQL services for blockchain of any complexity at Dysnix.

What are the main parts of a GraphQL service?

At Dysnix, we have a precise flow for it. First, we collect the requirements, needs, and characteristics of your project to provide you with the correct subgraph that will solve the task you assign to us. Second, we set up and deploy the blockchain environment or dive into your one. Third, we launch the subgraph and check how it works according to the usage scenarios. After this stage, we can agree upon the support stage, where we care about the created solution and improve it from time to time at your request.

What is GraphQL best for?

GraphQL is an almost irreplaceable technology for blockchain enthusiasts and projects powered by blockchain. Access to the data that the network contains was a problem most of the time, while the idea with subgraphs works organically with the whole structure and doesn’t request additional tools to apply. You can build any subgraphs and combine them as you want, and that’s the most significant advantage of GraphQL. The data will stay easily accessible and updated in a timely manner.

How is GraphQL different from REST?

The main difference between GraphQL and the REST approaches is that one is a server-side blockchain, layer-like solution and the other is endpoint-based, accordingly. GraphQL is a fast, lightweight, query-based solution, so you can use understandable requests to get the answers in string format. While REST is a much more comprehensive tool that’s much slower in development, you can request any type of bulky data with it.