Dysnix at blockchainua 2021: nothing can stop an idea if its time has come

Dysnix at blockchainua 2021: nothing can stop an idea if its time has come

Kate Radushynskaya
November 24, 2021

Attended stages

One-day conferences are always concentrated and saturated at their limits. To include everything interesting in the most efficient way, BlockchainUA was divided into three thematic stages where all could find something tasty for their brains.

Dysnix was a part of a Technical stage where all doers, inventors, and other crazy geniuses of blockchain discussed the problems they've stumbled upon and solutions for them. As we saw, this stage was the most active as practitioners were extremely interested in asking questions about specific cases and applications of technologies.

Here's the public access to the presentation we've prepared for the conference.

Daniel Yavorovych during his speech at BlockchainUA 2021 with a sloth on the slides

One of the most pleasant things we mentioned at the conference was that all companies that were marked as “Golden Partners” of the conference: Velas, Kuna, Peanut Trade—were (or сurently are) clients of Dysnix.

The speech of Michael Chobanian, founder of Kuna, gave us the opportunity to recap all our niche has been through for the last few years and offered a few valuable insights on what's going to happen next for our crypto market. He had energized the whole Main Stage of the conference, so no coffee was needed!

If you haven't seen what Dysnix made for Kuna 2 years ago, you should definitely check it out! :)

The third stage called Crypto Stage covered mostly NFT-related questions, personal experiments with crypto, issues of security, reliability, marketing, and legislative regulations. It was a pleasure to meet Lasha Antadze at the panel discussion. He's the Founder of Shelf.Network, a project that was a client of the Dysnix team, too. We were pleased to hear a lot of healthy, realistic ideas on how to make a profit from blockchain-related innovations in different spheres of state, public, and personal life.

What dysnix brought to the table at blockchainua

Daniel never comes empty-handed, so he described, in as much detail as possible for 20 minutes, one of the practical cases of Dysnix for those attending the Technical Stage. Our CTO shared a recipe for how to build an efficient infrastructure serving 2 billion blockchain requests per day. Not bad, you say? Our clients were satisfied with these results as well.

Daniel Yavorovych still keeps things serious during his speech on BlockchainUA

As you might have guessed already, the heart of a problem we solved was in the automatic scaling of blockchain nodes and how we packed the solution of this problem into a separate product. With this application, the scalability of your blockchain infrastructure becomes less traumatic for the whole project and significantly faster with no delays for the end-users.

We would like to thank everyone who asked Daniel questions and kept on track with him during the speech. If you missed Dysnix's performance at the conference, you can see it here:

The article that he mentioned on the stage will be published right here. Follow us on social media so you don't miss this detailed technical guidance shared by our team:

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Personal opinions from our delegation about the conference

Daniel: It was a great joy for me to speak at the conference and meet up with so many familiar people. The blockchain community in Ukraine is like a friendly family that grows every year. Despite all external circumstances (quarantine, etc.), the organization was at the highest level. Thank you, friends, that we can develop together with you in such a wonderful atmosphere!

Sergei: The speakers needed more time obviously to further detail their topics. It was a pleasure to meet old friends from a number of our clients and hear their reports on how they grow successfully. It's a great pleasure for Dysnix to cause a significant upgrade of market leaders.

Alex: A lot of interesting people to meet and to chat with. It's a pity I was not able to attend the afterparty. It was an eye-opening experience for me and these events should be held more often. Well done, BlockchainUA!

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Kate Radushynskaya
Marketing Manager at Dysnix
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