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Welcome to Dysnix blog, where you can read about complicated infrastructure and DevOps topics in simple words! Our engineers share their expertise with the community by writing narrowly specialized articles interesting for both management and technical staff. We'll be happy to get your feedback on our articles and become a constant source of technical and business insights for your team.

Meet PredictKube, an AI-based autoscaler, in the Dysnix family

As we’ve mentioned in the previous article, for the last few months our developers have been working on products for Kubernetes-based projects...

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As every finish means another start: Dysnix enters 2022

We don't believe in summaries written in the mess of the last moments of a year. To analyze everything properly—you have to invest time and concentrate on documents and memories...

#dysnix #2021 #2022

Dysnix became a part of the Kharkiv IT Cluster

The end of a year is always an extra busy period, so we shouldn't lose a chance to share the good news with you. This year, Dysnix became a part of the Kharkiv IT Cluster...

#dysnix #2021

Dysnix at BlockchainUA 2021: Nothing can stop an idea if its time has come

It's been two weeks since we attended the conference on blockchain technology in Kyiv, and we're still recollecting those nice impressions and memories. Our delegation, Daniel Yavorovych, Sergei Zaichenko, Anton Rubets, and Alex Vorona, came to Kyiv...

#blockchainua #conference

Dysnix Invasion on Conference 2021

This year is moving our Dysnix ship forward inflating our DevOps sails. Now we want to make an announcement and invite you to meet us in our...

#blockchainua #conference

Cloud Migration Strategies and Tools — Dysnix selection

We have described in detail what cloud migration is in our previous article, and today we're going to get closer to the practical side of this process...

#сloudmigration #devops

Cloud migration: the main challenges and solutions

Cloud migration (CM) term speaks for itself: it refers to the processes of moving, migrating, relocating of the whole app (or a project—in the broader meaning) from on-site, local, bare metal...

#сloudmigration #devops #cloudsolutions

Kubernetes vs. Serverless: when to use and how to choose? — Part 2

Here goes the second part of our research—the technologies comparison and use cases segments. It was quite intriguing to get all the facts alongside and make conclusions about...

#Kubernetes #Serverless

Kubernetes vs. Serverless: when to use and how to choose? — Part 1

Nowadays, when it comes to development and hosting a modern application—or even the whole IT infrastructure—there are two buzzwords you hear all the time, Kubernetes (k8s) and Serverless...

#Kubernetes #Serverless

Clutch: Dysnix is the 2nd Top IT Consulting company in Ukraine

Dysnix team is honored to be named a Top-2 Ukraine IT Consulting Company in Ukraine by Clutch, an international technology consultancy and one of the biggest B2B rating platforms in the world...

#awards #clutch #itconsulting #cloudconsulting #devops

Happy Holidays from Dysnix!

2020 has become a year of trials and tribulations. We all have learned to work remotely in the most efficient way...

#xmas #2021 #cloudconsulting #devops

Effective API service DDOS protection with CloudFlare

Today, applications are often split into front-end applications and back-end API. The front-end is usually stored in Object Storage...

#Cloudflare #Ddos #Security

Dysnix Anniversary: has grown almost twice over the year.

Dysnix - a special DevOps forces unit - celebrates a company anniversary. Our team has grown almost two-fold, and the number...

#dysnix #devops #report

4 questions to find out if you are ready for Cloud migration

According to Orbis Research, the CAGR, The Cloud Migration Services market, will reach a historic high in 2025. At the same time...

#clouds #cloudmigration #DevOps #privatedata

COVID-19 Digital Challenges: How and What a Business Must Optimize

COVID-19 has affected and continues influencing the markets significantly. Some businesses are growing or staying at the same level...

#covid-19 #crysis #DevOps #AI

Dysnix attends DevOps Fest 2020 with the report about Data Pipelines

Dysnix will participate in the DevOps Fest 2020 conference held on March 20-21, 2020 in Kyiv...

#Devops #Conference #DevOpsFest2020 #Yavorovych

Dysnix wishes you the magical New Year 2020

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year #2020 to all our friends and partners! We value all of you and we thank you for our fruitful collaboration! Wishing you happiness, joy, health and continued success throughout the coming year.

#Dysnix #News #HappyNewYear2020

Dysnix impressions of the WebSummit 2019. Aftertaste.

What is the Web Summit remembered for the Dysnix team? We travel to Lisbon having a short transfer in Geneva and exactly from this point begins our journey to the Web Summit 2019....

#WebSummit #WebSummit2019 #Conference

Since the 23th of October 2019 Arilot has become Dysnix!

Dear Colleagues, In this press release, we'd like to inform you of changes in Arilot's work. Since the 23th of October 2019 Arilot has suspended its activities carried out for the past few years. ...

#Dysnix #rebranding #Arilot

Dysnix has become the official information partner of the DevOps Stage 2019

We are happy to share the great news with you. Dysnix has become the official information partner of the DevOps Stage Conference, which will be held on October 18th - 19th in Kyiv...

#DevOpsStage #Devops #Conference #Discount

Dysnix became the new partner of Tech Conference Europe 2019

We are pleased to inform you that Dysnix has become an official partner of PICANTE Tech Conference Europe which will be held in Prague between 3-4 September 2019...

#Conference #Blockchain #AI #ML #TCE2019

Dysnix attended the Google Cloud Day in Kyiv

On 13th June 2019, Dysnix (formerly Arilot) CTO attended the #GoogleCloudDay - the event for the Ukrainian cloud computing community - in Kyiv. Our CTO Daniel Yavorovych...

#Dysnix #GCP #Conference

Dysnix signed a partnership agreement with Emercoin

On November 6, Dysnix signed a new cooperation agreement with Emercoin, a blockchain service platform that develops distributed services. Emercoin's dSDK (Decentralized Software Development Kit)...

#Partnership #Blockchain #Emercoin

Dysnix at DevOps Stage 2018

On October, 12-13, Kiev hosted DevOps Stage conference that turned out to be a very interesting one for the Ukrainian IT-community. We hope that many people share our opinion about this conference...

#Conference #Devops #DevOpsStage


This story is about a big fintech company getting hacked. We'll call it TwinPeaks to preserve anonymity, or TP for short. The quieter we become, the more we hear. It was a cold winter Friday evening...

#Bitcoin #Hacking #Security

Migrating to Kubernetes: benefits and best practices

Changing server architecture is always a big step for any project. Here at Dysnix, we lead most of our clients through this process by providing Kubernetes service...



Having worked in IT for 10 years I have realized that relying on hardware is simply unrealistic. It tends to break down. Very often. Unexpectedly.

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