As every finish means another start: Dysnix enters 2022

As every finish means another start: Dysnix enters 2022

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Kate Radushynskaya
January 12, 2022

Dysnix in 2021: the most memorable events


Our principle of being people-centric and searching for partners with a similar outlook is always paying off. We have hired 15 new colleagues, met four new long-term clients, and partnered with Helix, one of the most reliable GCP Partners in the Asia region. Dysnix decided to grow intensively by numbers and multiply the impact and benefit for the customers.

So that's why we started to develop our products.


Long story short, the experience of our DevOps team started to transform into a series of products to serve the needs of Kubernetes (but not only) projects with resources autoscaling, optimization of cloud data processing, improved cloud management features. Meet PredictKube, as the first of them. We make it open-source for the community and will develop it further based on the feedback we've already gotten. With the help of this tool, any project can predict the traffic trend based on at least 1+ week data and thus, scale your cloud resources accordingly, dealing with the problem of overprovisioning.

We'll publish more info about our other products in 2022, but here's a small sneak peek: some of our tools have already been successfully implemented in our clients' projects. Stay tuned!



These badges speak for themselves. Thanks to the reviews of our clients, we were recognized as one of the top companies in IT services and B2B consultancy on the local and global levels. This appreciation inspires our team to work even harder, constantly invest in our education and optimization, and convert the communication with our clients into a pleasant and efficient experience for both sides.

Maybe, this will sound silly, but doing business is another way of making friends. And we'll be glad to become a team that will be warmly welcomed all over the world :)

Also, Daniel Yavorovych had a speech at Blockchain UA 2021 conference.

We're always happy to participate in events where DevOps and cloud engineers can share their experience to upgrade the whole industry.

Another thing is that Dysnix was invited to become a part of the local IT Cluster in Kharkiv.

This opportunity will be interesting for us in the vector of social responsibility point: we're planning to merge our efforts with other Kharkiv companies to move our social projects to another level. We're also glad to share our skills and knowledge with partners and be able to assist them when required.

Let us show you what another plans we have for 2022.

Dysnix new year wishes for 2022

Implement our products

We're pretty excited about our new products and moving from only-service company type to mixed format. So we want to develop and implement our products for our clients in the widest scope. We want to simplify complex things about a cloud, make people's work less routine, and infuse the latest technologies to solve the pain points we explore while working with our clients.

Participate in the community's life

Our team can't stand aside from everything that happens on the open-source side of the Kubernetes. So we're planning to take a closer acquaintance with the Keda community, get more people's opinions considering PredictKube, participate in KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe (maybe even like speakers, keep the fingers crossed for us).

Grow our team

We'll be hiring new members constantly this year! If you want to know more about opened positions or just send us a CV, use our Career page.

Dysnix's Cultural Code

Help those who are in need

As we mentioned before, our social projects matter a lot to us. We're participating in Clown Care at Kharkiv Hospitals, Youth Hub "HalaBuda", "The Deers of Saint Nicolas". This year we hope to continuously support them and make our small input into the positive change of the world around us. We also dream of helping a youth sports team, and we hope that we'll have enough resources to make it a reality.

Seeing each other more frequently

Dysnix is a remote team. We haven't seen each other in one place. Our most selfish goal is to meet and get to know each other offline and spend some time together. We'll share some photos with you when we fulfill this goal.

We believe that together we will help more people to become healthier, happier, and more adapted to their lives.
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