Building a reproducible, secure, and auto scalable infrastructure for gaming business platforms

Since 1998, Techona has led the way in the online gaming industry not just as designers of games and interfaces, but rather as the engineers of complete gaming business platforms.

Business Task

The gaming platform infrastructure was modernized in a way to be maintained as easily as possible, to make it secure from hacking and cyber-attacks, and to provide a more attractive product to current and new partners.

  • The Dysnix team’s task was:

    • To design and create a new infrastructure from scratch using the most advanced technology stack
    • TCO optimization
    • To develop a technical solution to scale the platform easily
    • To achieve a high fault-tolerance of infrastructure and its security
    • To ensure early warning of possible technical problems
  • Solutions

    • Building a highly-available, secure, multizone, and scalable Kubernetes-based server infrastructure in GCP with private topology
    • Building a cost-effective infrastructure
    • Full implementation of infrastructure as code using Terraform
    • Designing and implementation of monitoring and alerting systems with custom business metrics
    • Building a logs aggregation system with user interface and alerting
  • Value delivered by Dysnix

    • Building a highly-available, secure, multizone, and scalable server infrastructure for gaming platform
    • All the development stages were shown as demos weekly so that customers could see progress in the work made
    • Effective project management from Dysnix based on the Agile / SCRUM methodologies, which allowed to complete the project on time
    • Full integration of the Dysnix team into the project and the company not as an outsourcer, but a single, in-house team, which is essential at that stage of the solutions implementation
    • Trained the in-house team on how to use the developed solutions
    • Alongside them, the Dysnix team continues supporting the project

Guy Gani

R&D Director at Techona

Dysnix accomplished exactly what we needed. The dedicated team was amazing - they always supported us with and were always available. Dysnix is a team of a top-level, implying their skills and expertise, and definitely one of the best DevOps teams I have ever met. Within 2-3 weeks of working on the project, Dysnix experts became a part of our in-house team. For me, this is an indicator of high-quality service provision.