Dysnix Supports the World's First Blockchain-Based Auction

Dysnix Supports the World's First Blockchain-Based Auction

Shelf Network is the company that developed and successfully launched the world's first blockchain-based auction. The project raised $1,000,000 from the Frontier Innovation Awards 2018: Blockchain and became a member of the YCombinator advisory program.

Business Task

The in-house team required additional expertise. The Dysnix team provided support and initiated the optimization of infrastructure costs.

  • Solutions

    • Infrastructure audit
    • Initial infrastructure costs reduction by 25 percent
    • Development of a detailed plan for further infrastructure optimization
    • Resolving current issues connected with operations
  • Value delivered by Dysnix

    Under the support agreement, the Dysnix team initiated the process of the current infrastructure optimization, developed a detailed action plan, and began its implementation. During the first stage, which took about a week, the team managed to reduce the cost by 25 percent. A follow-up optimization program is being prepared for implementation.