High Availability and Cryptocurrency Protection for Investment Bank

High Availability and Cryptocurrency Protection for Investment Bank

The Argon Group is an investment bank with a focus on digital finance - the emerging crypto-currency and token-based capital markets. We provide financial advisory, placement, and technology services to companies seeking to raise equity, debt, and non-dilutive capital. The Group develops technical placement solutions including digital tokens powered by advanced smart contracts, which we operate though a digital asset placement and brokerage platform called TokenHub.com. We are developing NYCEX.com, a digital asset and crypto-currency exchange, which will be on the cutting edge of technology and compliance.

Business Task

Argon management invited us to take part in Tokenhub project as experts in Kubernetes-based high availability cloud solutions. The project needed a solution with high security level which would protect crypto-currency wallets from being hacked, as the project was to deal with the amount of money that equals to more than 200 BTC.

  • Solutions

    • Conducted a preliminary analysis of the architecture and discovered some obvious mistakes and loose ends created by the in-house developers
    • Planned and offered a prototype for customer's approval; developed an autoscalable server infrastructure that matched project scale
    • Implemented Lepricoin - our own solution, which enhanced security of the company's cryptocurrency operations
    • Worked closely with in-house developers to find the best business solutions that would match business requirements
  • Value delivered by Dysnix

    • After high availability scalable server architecture was built, the project was able to sustain inflow from 5000 rps
    • Right from the start during its first hours in operation Token Launch project was able to process an enormous amount of cryptocurrency and fiat operations
    • Successful carrying out the project's own ICO as well as the subsequent external ICOs
  • Conclusion

    Having been invited to partake in the project as experts in building server architecture, we provided it with the highest level of availability. Furthermore, having joined the project as blockchain developers we integrated our own solution into it and enhanced security of cryptocurrency operations. In May 2017 we signed a long-term contract with Argon Group for the project's 24/7 technical support with a demanding SLA.

Irina Demina

Vice President Corporate Development at The Argon Group

We chose Dysnix (formerly Arilot) because we get the scalability, flexibility and performance we need for our turnkey platform. We rely on Dysnix to handle all of the maintenance and security, so we can update our environment quickly and easily when we're ready. We dedicate more time to building our platform, and we've accelerated our schedule because of running on architecture suggested by Dysnix.