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Sales Manager

We are looking for a Sales Manager for Dysnix, a boutique DevOps company, to sell an AI / ML product.

Qualifications and qualities we need:

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills (we expect ~40% of oral communications);
  • Experience in business negotiations and correspondence with English-speaking clients (level of English C1+);
  • At least 1 year of experience in the field of IT sales in the position of Sales, Lead gen or Project Manager;
  • Experience on LinkedIn (and similar platforms);
  • Systematic approach and analytical skills. Sustaining productivity during repetitive work;
  • High level of independence and learning, time and task management;
  • Willingness to work with different time zones (calls at 19:00 or 20:00 are possible 1-2 times a week).


  • Sales of an AI / ML DevOps product in the markets of the USA, Europe, Singapore:
    • Processing and scoring of incoming calls;
    • Active communication with potential clients. Calls are conducted with a technical executive;
    • Building long-term relationships with leads and supporting them at all stages of the sale;
    • Recording of customers, requests, results of calls, and correspondence in CRM and internal documentation, representing regular sales reports;
    • Discussion of the terms of cooperation and the signing of contracts.
  • Collaboration with the marketing department to complete sales tasks:
    • Receiving the results of cold mailing from the marketing department;
    • Preparation of commercial proposals, preparation of presentations;
    • Conducting mutual sessions about client pains and needs;
    • Study the subject area of ​​DevOps as required for sales.

The benefits you get working with us:

  • Working with the market leaders of the USA, Europe, Singapore, obtaining real cases and a portfolio of sales with outstanding deals;
  • Sales of a functional product developed on AI / ML;
  • You're your own boss: create your own effective sales process;
  • Working with a team that values ​​the time, freedom and professional development of each participant;
  • Management is open to conversation and avoids bureaucracy.

We offer:

  • Full-time remote with flexible hours (Monday to Friday, in the period from 9 AM to 8 PM);
  • Starting tech stack (Hubspot, Confluence);
  • Paid vacation and sick leave;
  • Salary — wage and bonuses;
  • 3 months of the trial period.

Hiring process:

  • HR.
  • English language test.
  • Meeting with founders.

Are you interested?

The features of Dysnix working process

You are the engine of the project

We guarantee you great personal freedom in the decision-making process and give you the ability to handle self-management. You can:

  • Choose the technologies you want to deal with
  • Choose the project and client
  • Deal with estimations and self-planning
  • Consult with the whole team when considering any questions

There's always practical advice for you

If you get stuck with some tricky task, use Dysnix tech shaman calls to get advice or if you are missing some piece of knowledge:

  • Join our tradition of constant training and growth in the friendly atmosphere
  • Use the expertise of your teammate or the whole team to solve current tasks
  • Expand your toolchains knowledge with intensive courses from your coworkers.

You will be satisfied with a tech stack

We're in the innovation marathon! We conduct constant creative brainstorming, love non-trivial tasks, and apply 90% cutting-edge tools like:

  • K8s, Helmfile, Helm Secrets
  • Ambassador, Istio
  • Apache Spark, Nifi, Kubeless

We'll help you become a certificated engineer

We encourage and pay for your technical certification. Just use this opportunity with us to receive qualifications of your skills:

  • AWS: AWS Solution Architect, AWS SysOps Administrator
  • Google Cloud: Professional Cloud Architect, Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer
  • Kubernetes: CKA (Certified Kubernetes Administrator).

We offer efficient working conditions

We offer our recipe for efficient work with minimum distractions. Enjoy the flexibility of the remote work and a personal schedule:

  • MON-FRI, min. 4 hours per day, started any time from 11 AM to 7 PM UTC+3
  • Paid sick leave and vacations
  • No bureaucracy, no meaningless meetings, no excessive reporting

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