Senior DevOps Engineer

Full Time


Currently, we have a lot of challenging projects requiring your skills. We'll share details with you during the first interview.

Essential professional experience

  • 3+ years of DevOps experience;
  • At least 1 year work with Kubernetes and Ansible.
  • 0.5+ years of Terraform experience;
  • 0.5+ years of Helm (+helmfile) experience;
  • Experience in deploying Infrastructure-as-Code from scratch, using Kubernetes, Terraform, and Helm;
  • Interest in blockchain or blockchain enthusiast;
  • English B1+ level (Pre-Intermediate);

Typical tasks on the project:

  • Automation of (complex) blockchain node deployment to run in GCP;
  • Deployment multi-regional Kubernetes-based environment for blockchain nodes in GCP;
  • Adjust solution for auto-snapshots blockchain nodes (every 2-4 hours);
  • Adjust solution to provision persistent volumes from snapshots;
  • Create deployment for GCP Marketplace listing.
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Our benefits

Smooth onboarding process — 4 weeks, 2-4 hours a day. It's possible to balance with the ongoing work. You will risk nothing because you will be paid for all your time spent. The trial period - typically, 1 month.
Sharing expertise. Someone from the team moves through the thorny path of mastering a specific "new" technology and shares knowledge with other team members. This saves time and resources of everyone for the common interest of the team.
Development of a new project /support of the current ones - 100/ 0. New project absolutely.
Be in trend with blockchain-related projects (Blockchain, not cryptocurrency).
Payment for certification achievement. It does matter for the company. AWS: AWS Solution Architect, AWS SysOps Administrator Google Cloud: Professional Cloud Architect, Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer Kubernetes: CKA (Certified Kubernetes Administrator). The company is ready to invest in it.
Here you will be at home among friends. The whole team and founders of the Company are DevOps enthusiasts who are not in favor of bureaucracy. They spread a creative atmosphere inside the Company:)

Our interviews are like...

To save time, we'll find out if we match each other in maximum of three steps:
1. Tech and HR simultaneously
In our mandatory technical and HR interview, we usually talk about your previous experience, tools, and share interesting stories we have experienced.
3. Interview with a client
If you get to the third stage—an optional interview with a client, then we will find a project that will match your level.
2. Project presentation
We would appreciate it if you demonstrate to us the way you think over current tasks and look for creative, but still realistic, solutions.
Contact Head of HR directly
You can also write our Head of HR, Olha Tachilina, directly if you have any questions or just drop a few lines alongside your CV. Use any of the contacts down below: