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If you're here to be challenged by some delectable projects with cutting-edge technologies, have a right to make game-changing decisions, and share your experience with an excited team of the same Seniors—welcome aboard!

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Our available positions

Our available positions

Our team expands based on a quality, not quantity approach. We're always happy to meet new friends with common technological passions and who share the same values.
Check out our fresh open vacancies:

Senior DevOps Engineer

We're focused on infrastructure custom solutions delivery.

Our expectations:

  • 3+ years of DevOps experience;
  • At least 1 year work with Kubernetes and Ansible;
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General facts about Dysnix

  • All-Senior team: DevOps and Architect engineers

    All-Senior team: DevOps and Architect engineers

  • Constant in-house expertise circulation

    Constant in-house expertise circulation

  • Balanced workload for better results

    Balanced workload for better results

  • Cutting-edge technologies

    Cutting-edge technologies

  • Creative DevOps-only environment

    Creative DevOps-only environment

  • Challenging international projects

    Challenging international projects

  • Bureaucracy-free


  • 100% remote team

    100% remote team

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Why do our clients love us?

  • dysnix

    We research the problem from the inside and offer an intelligent and elegant solution, resulting in the biggest possible profit for our client.

  • dysnix

    Our team plans, forecasts, and manages all changes with zero downtime and does it securely.

  • dysnix

    We integrate easily and communicate in plain language with in-house teams who share a mutual sense of commitment.

  • dysnix

    Our staff stays cool in force majeure situations, thanks to the support of the whole team, showing the highest professionalism and dedication to their responsibilities.

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Dysnix's Cultural Code

We postulate intellectual power as the only thing that changes the world: we use our geek capacities to embrace the newest technologies and make them benefit society and bring us the joy of being true pioneers and scientists.

Personal values we value in people

  • Strive for professional growth

    Constant gaining and sharing of the expertise

  • Tend to keep everything simple

    No micromanagement, no excessive control, no surprises

  • Being human-centered

    Being responsive, self-confident, caring for both tasks and team relations

Dysnix's Cultural Code

Why do our team members stay with us for a long time?

  • dysnix

    Fidelity and humanism

    high responsiveness and support are rules for interaction inside the team

  • dysnix

    The possibility

    to grow any skills and gain the professional weight by open source contribution

  • dysnix


    growth thanks to a variety of tools usage and experience of other members of the team

  • dysnix

    The expected

    and logical switch of projects, always exciting and challenge-based

Our engineers work at Dysnix for 3+ years on average.

Our engineers work on one project for 2+ years on average.

95% of our projects are long-term.

New project and support tasks typically are mixed in a 50/50 ratio.

For our projects, we use 90% of the most recent technologies.

Co-workers' feedback

How we hire and onboard

  • A smooth transition is the shortest way to describe our adaptation process.
  • Dysnix hiring is about quick tuning and mutual understanding, as our HR department has been hiring the best Senior DevOps engineers for the last 3 years and has 15 years of experience overall.
  • You'll get sincere and open answers from us for any questions—from financial to personal.
  • After the first interview, you'll see your professional growth zones clearly and receive inspiring and valuable feedback.

You may combine our cooperation with your current position starting with 2-4 hours per day. Each hour will be paid, and you have zero risks. After one month of cooperation, our company and candidate typically make a decision about long-term cooperation based on mutual agreement.

Our interviews are like...

To save time, we'll find out if we match each other in one, two, or a maximum of three steps:

  • Tech and HR simultaneously

    In our mandatory technical and HR interview, we usually talk about your previous experience, tools, and share interesting stories we have experienced.

    We always take care to make our developing meetings with candidates positive and productive for both sides—we can eventually provide you with exclusive solutions during the interview.

  • Project presentation

    During a further optional stage — project presentation — we'll exchange our ideas and experience in solving certain tasks and discuss how we can improve our work even more.

    We would appreciate it if you demonstrate to us the way you think over current tasks and look for creative, but still realistic, solutions.

  • Interview with a client

    If you get to the third stage—an optional interview with a client, then we will find a project that will match your level.

    We analyze the current status of the client team, their communications, and the problems they want to solve. Then we check your requests for tools and technologies you'd like to work with. If it's a perfect match, we arrange a meeting for you and the client to let the magic happen.

Our challenging DevOps projects are waiting for you.
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