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Dysnix became a part of the Kharkiv IT Cluster

Dysnix became a part of the Kharkiv IT Cluster

Dear friends,

The end of a year is always an extra busy period, so we shouldn't lose a chance to share the good news with you. This year, Dysnix became a part of the Kharkiv IT Cluster.

Kharkiv IT Cluster is a public organization that since 2015 has been uniting leading IT companies, local authorities, and higher educational institutions to implement complex changes in the IT ecosystem and benefit the local community.

The goals of the organization are to:

  • Сreate a favorable environment for IT business in Kharkiv.
  • Support the IT community and students' endeavors.
  • Development of a positive image of Kharkiv as a Tech-location with the highest concentration of IT companies with a high level of technological expertise for the development of international cooperation
  • Support for social and charitable initiatives.

The mission of Dysnix is quite similar to the goals and values ​​of the Kharkiv IT Cluster and thus, we plan to combine our efforts with leading companies of the Kharkiv region next year to support various initiatives, including social and charitable projects.

At the moment, Dysnix supports socially important initiatives that support children and youth, such as Clown Care at Kharkiv Hospitals, Youth Hub "HalaBuda", the charitable project "The Deers of Saint Nicolas".

We believe that together we will help more people to become healthier, happier, and more adapted to their lives.

Kind regards,

Kate Radushynskaya

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