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Dysnix Invasion on Blockchain.ua Conference 2021

Dysnix Invasion on Blockchain.ua Conference 2021

This year is moving our Dysnix ship forward inflating our DevOps sails. Now we want to make an announcement and invite you to meet us in our silent haven of Blockchain.ua conference which will be held on the 3rd of November in Kyiv.

Dysnix is extremely pleased to be an informational partner for not only this conference but a whole blockchain community in Ukraine. We'd like to share a promo code for the entrance ticket discount:


You can use it for any kind of ticket and it'll be valid up until the conference day. We hope it'll be a small pleasant reason to visit Kyiv and our conference for you.

Also, Daniel Yavorovych, our CTO and Co-founder, will be a speaker at Blockchain.ua with Dysnix's practical case on building a reliable infrastructure that withstands 2 billion blockchain requests per day. It's a separate kind of joy—to share our knowledge and experience with the community and answer your questions. So we're thrilled to meet each of you at the event!

A few words about the conference itself:

  • The main topic "Problems and advantages of DeFi, development of NFT market features of private systems of tokenization" is synchronized with the global tendencies and thus, is valuable for the community.
  • The networking and exhibition part will be fantastic, as promised by organizers, and each coffee break will be filled with new acquaintances, problem-solving, and contact sharing.
  • The conference will be held at a great place in the heart of our capital where blockchain technologies are blooming even during the fall.

Well, that's it. Follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn, reach our Daniel on Twitter to keep on track with the latest on-conference news from Dysnix!

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