Dysnix attended the Google Cloud Day in Kyiv
Dysnix attended the Google Cloud Day in Kyiv

Dysnix attended the Google Cloud Day in Kyiv

On 13th June 2019, Dysnix (formerly Arilot) CTO attended the #GoogleCloudDay - the event for the Ukrainian cloud computing community - in Kyiv. Our CTO Daniel Yavorovych shared their impressions of this exclusive event.

The conference was devoted to such modern trends as building cloud infrastructures and data analysis (data science, big data).

The world is becoming more flexible and diverse - nowadays you can build complex clusters not only with different geographies but with different cloud providers by means of Istio and Mesh networks.

We were really impressed with the #CloudAutoML - Google Cloud Platform features designed for building machine-learning models without a code string, using only the user interface and data from the capacious and speedy BigQuery.

By the way, #BigQuery was a kind of discovery for all of us and there was another lecture devoted entirely to BigQuery.

Dysnix attended the Google Cloud Day in Kyiv

Speakers could simply and affordably show us how quickly one can migrate a project from AI/ML to GCP minimizing operations.

Thank you, Google Cloud Day, for the amazing and informative conference, high-level of conference organization and its content! We were happy to meet our old friends, colleagues and get to know new professionals!

See you all next year!

Kind regards,

Kate Radushynskaya

Dysnix Marketing & PR-manager


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