GotBit x Dysnix
Case Study

Infrastructure with CI/CD to support client’s services and 900+ users' bots.

Meet GotBit

GotBit is a performance-focused market maker catering to Web3 projects. Founded in 2017, they utilize a combination of skilled personnel and AI technology to provide liquidity management across various Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) and Centralized Exchanges (CEXs).

By managing market liquidity, GotBit helps projects achieve stability and growth, fostering a thriving Web3 ecosystem. We helped them ensure high-quality service provision for more than 900+ users bots.

What happened on the project

Stable and scalable infrastructure
CI/CD pipeline for handling over 900 client bots and providing GotBit's services
Proxy solution to develop and implement a few proxy pools for data parsing with fixed IP addresses
Consultancy and support
Auto-scaling infrastructure on k8s with GitLab CI/CD and dev and prod environments handling 900 bots and all services
A multi-level proxy system in AWS and k8s
Performance-cost optimization and advanced monitoring
On-going support and further optimization

Solutions implemented by Dysnix

Multilevel proxy system
Proxy pools for data parsing with fixed IP addresses
Predictive AI nodes autoscaler
Proactive scale for perfect resources balancing with no lags and delays
Complex CI/CD pipelines
Automated CI/CD for both services and users bots performance
Interface for the real-time review of the current project state
Continuous support
Updates, improvements, and quick fixes for flawless performance

Direct speech from GotBit

They (The Dysnix team) honestly acknowledge an issue and continually work to find a solution. They never remain silent on any problem but always try to find the roots of it and the real reason why it has happened—they eliminate the complications with all passion and commitment.

The most impressive points about Dysnix company are fast response time, honesty, frankness, and dedication, as well as their respectful and attentive attitude to the client’s team—they always explain how they have come to such a solution and how they implement it. We also appreciate consultations regarding the architecture for our applications held by Dysnix engineers—it was valuable input to our project.
GotBit review for Clutch
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Daniel Yavorovych
Co-Founder & CTO
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