Proof of сoncept development for Explorer Surgical medtech project | Dysnix Cases

Development of a Proof of Concept for an AI-based software application for a Medtech project

ExplORer Surgical focuses on real-time surgical procedure data acquisition and management. The ExplORer system is a workflow management tool designed to manage tasks and tools for surgical teams.

They help surgical teams coordinate their tasks and tools by providing interactive workflow management software for use during surgical operations.

Business Task

The Dysnix team signed a contract for the development of Proof of Concept for AI-based software application to recognize surgical instruments from the video stream. This application is to be a part of the interactive workflow management software for use during surgical operations. The developed demo became the basis for attracting investment to implement the project further -

  • The Dysnix team's tasks were:

    • Dataset preparation
    • Application development
    • QA and bug fixes within 2 milestones (see below)
    • Deployment of an application into the customer's environment

    The demo was developed to minimize risks.

    Non-completed tasks and incorrect tools lead to:

    • Disruptions, delays, and errors in the operating room
    • Frustrations for the surgical team
    • Excess costs for hospitals
    • Suboptimal outcomes for patients.
  • Solutions

    We prepared a dataset and trained a model for surgical instrument detection, as well as developed an application using this model. The application can:

    • Detect all the surgical objects on a video
    • Classify all the detected objects
    • Track objects on the screen and produce events on changes
  • Value delivered by Dysnix

    • Preparation of a dataset and training of a model for surgical instrument detection, as well as the development of an application using this model
    • All the development stages were shown as demos weekly so that customers could see progress in the work made
    • Trained the in-house team on how to use the developed solutions
    • Preparation of the documentation for obtaining financing

Eugene Fine

CTO, ExplORer Surgical

I can assess the level of third-party expertise because I'm an engineer myself and manage my team. Skills and knowledge of the Dysnix team in the fields of DevOps, Architecture of Cloud Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, and Blockchain are 10 out of 10. Dysnix impressed us with their deep expertise and experience in completing very complex tasks that most engineers simply could not take on.

The main result of our collaboration with Dysnix is ​​that they developed the operating demo, and they did it quickly and at a reasonable rate. In fact, the Dysnix team helped us to prepare a sound basis so we can get funding.