Development of a Ukrainian Stablecoin Called "Cryptohryvna"® (UAX token)

Development of a Ukrainian Stablecoin Called "Cryptohryvna"® (UAX token) to Promote All the Advantages of Blockchain Technology

Kuna Exchange is the best way to buy and sell cryptocurrency in Eastern Europe.

Business Task

Development of Backend and SmartContract for the UAX token®. The project objective was to simplify crypto transactions in Ukraine and reduce barriers to cryptocurrency usage for people who have never used them before.

  • Solutions

    The Dysnix team developed a backend API and a customized SmartContract based on the ERC-865 standard to serve the StableCoin with Delegated Transfer support. The developed solution turned out to be a competitive one in the stable coin market, such as USD and EURO. UAX is the most secure, scalable, and flexible cryptocurrency. It's integrated into the platforms that are crypto-exchange leaders: Paytomat and Trustee.

  • Value delivered by Dysnix

    The crypto community highly appreciated the solution developed by the Dysnix team. It usually has a positive impact on the success of blockchain projects and their promotion.