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Does your team think a self-hosted blockchain infrastructure is complicated?

Since we have more than 6 years of DevOps for Blockchain experience, we are ready to create the self-hosted blockchain infrastructure in your private perimeter and maintain it with SLA

Self-Hosted Blockchain Infrastructure

Migrate your blockchain infrastructure into the private perimeter without losing any functionality and gaining a pack of benefits
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Reduced costs
Pay only for cloud resources, be free from 3rd-party SaaS or node providers
No intruders allowed: Get rid of any risks or hacking attacks
Monitor everything happening in your infrastructure with ease
Enjoy the lowest possible latency having all components in one environment
Scalability and customization
Modify your environment to specific cases and automate scaling
High availability
Get 100% healthy nodes, auto-recreating clogged nodes, and intellectual traffic balancing
Case study
How we decreased the cost by 70% of blockchain infrastructure and made it faster and more stable

Custom development: From simple smart contracts to custom blockchain solutions

Request custom Web3 infrastructure for your project with a unique ecosystem of hand-picked nodes for the needs of your DApp development
Meet our CTO personally to map a custom solution for your challenge on the first call
Daniel Yavorovych
Co-Founder & CTO at and Dysnix
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Values delivered by Dysnix:
  • Building of high-available, secure, and scalable server infrastructure for a Fintech product.
  • Effective project management from Dysnix based on the Agile / SCRUM methodologies allowed us to complete the project on time.
  • Complete integration of the Dysnix team into the project and the company not as an outsourcer but as a single in-house team is essential at the implementation stage of solutions.
  • Trained the in-house team on how to use the developed solutions.
Values delivered by Dysnix as a Web3 infrastructure provider:
  • Our team developed the solution for Web3 within two weeks. It was tested and implemented in 24 hours.
  • Full integration and permanent communication of the Dysnix team into the project as if it was a part of the in-house team.
  • Dysnix went all the way from the testing to production environments: we provided support at all stages of the load tests and were involved in the in-depth debugging processes.
Values delivered by Dysnix:
  • After high availability scalable server architecture was built, the project could sustain inflow from 5000 RPS.
  • Right from the start, during its first hours in operation, the Token Launch project processed an enormous amount of cryptocurrency and fiat operations.
  • Successfully carrying out the project's own ICO and the subsequent external ICOs.
Values delivered by Dysnix:
  • Fastest time-to-value: We built a complete infrastructure from scratch in 3 weeks instead of 6 weeks.
  • Implemented variability: We settled up continuous deployment in up to six environments.
  • Options for future improvements: Easy changes, support, and project recovery with Infrastructure as Code in GCP.
  • Continuous cost optimization with ~50% cost decrease based on resource balancing.
Values delivered by Dysnix:
  • Continuous in-house team mentoring and consultancy.
  • Easy changes and support with Infrastructure as Code and Deployment as Code.
  • Fast and solid deployment of multiple environments with similar services.
  • Together with the in-house team, Dysnix continues supporting the project with a high response time for events.
Values delivered by Dysnix:
  • The Dysnix team provided comprehensive analysis and recommendations for building a highly available client-server architecture that can process any number of smart contracts.
  • We provided advice on building a secure environment at all project stages.
  • The Dysnix team participated in developing project documentation for the exchange as one of the smart contract platforms.
Values delivered by Dysnix as a Web3 infrastructure company:
  • A highly-available, secure, multi-zone, and scalable server infrastructure for a Blockchain-ETL platform.
  • 70% savings in terms of the project's TCO.
  • Trained the in-house team on how to use the developed solutions.
  • The Dysnix team continues to support the project and regularly improve it.
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Here are the latest Clutch reviews for you to consider
Evgeny Medvedev
Chief Solutions Architect, Nansen.ai
See on Clutch
Dysnix has delivered a functional, operational, fail-safe, and reliable Ronin blockchain validator node, thanks to their strong understanding of the client's requirements and policies. They are receptive to client input and feedback and are eager to accommodate requests and changes to the scope.
Dmytro Haidashenko
CTO, Rarify
See on Clutch
Dysnix has delivered a well-structured infrastructure that allows the company to deploy their apps in Kubernetes by themselves. The team thoroughly follows the given workflow and pipeline of tasks, leading to an efficient process. Their responsible attitude to work and proactivity was commendable.
Alex Momot
Founder & CEO, Remme
See on Clutch
Dysnix provided a team of Blockchain experts that was always available to assist the client. They finished a product that presented new features in the company's crypto-asset exchange. As a result, the company now considers their deep involvement as an extension of their own team.
Alex Gluchowski
CEO, Matter Labs
See on Clutch
Dysnix contributed to the successful release of the company's product. They performed a custom auto-scaling solution to reduce the project's costs. The company now has the opportunity to earn a higher income and at the same time increase its likeability with speed and security as main offers.
Roman Cherednik
CTO, Financial Services Company
See on Clutch
Thanks to the efforts of the Dysnix team, the company was able to attract the attention of the general public. The currency is stable while maintaining the necessary flexibility with the support of experts in the industry. The team has proven itself to be a reliable long-term partner.
Dmytro Haidashenko
CTO, Shelf.Network
See on Clutch
In the first stage of their optimization plan alone, Dysnix managed to reduce infrastructure costs by 25%. They provide remarkable response times, which allows them to react to unforeseen situations. This makes them ideal for handling urgent tasks.
Roman Cherednik
CTO, Financial Services Company
See on Clutch
With Dysnix's relentless support, the company was able to adopt excellent security methods and develop exceptional server architecture. The team is responsible, talented, and diligent. Customers can expect a team who will exhaust all possibilities to achieve their goals.
Daniel Walker
CTO, Whispli
See on Clutch
Dysnix has helped the client in putting together a PoC. The client has around 30 stable and failover production environments and an easy-to-manage IaC. As a result, they are positioned as the only provider in the industry that can support multiple cloud technologies and single tenancy deployments.
Eli Osherovich
CTO & Co-Founder, Wand.AI
See on Clutch
Based on the client's requirements, Dysnix has built and implemented a reliable, flexible, and fail-safe architecture. The product will soon be launched, and the team continues to support and maintain the infrastructure. The communicative team understands the client's needs and meets expectations.
Knuth Rüffer
CEO, Scalors GmbH
See on Clutch
Thanks to Dysnix's efforts, they have built the defined development environments well. As a result, the client is able to expand their team and manage three projects successfully. They have provided solutions for issues effectively and simple answers to all inquiries. They have worked perfectly.
Eugene Fine
CTO, ExplORer Surgical Corp.
See on Clutch
Dysnix has developed a strong collaboration. Their team worked to implement the project and trained the in-house team. The management was very effective and their expertise was great.
Pavel Sher
CEO & Founder, NimbusWeb
See on Clutch
While the work is ongoing, the engagement thus far satisfies the client. The Dysnix team is able to understand and solve complex issues, which allows the company to resolve critical technical problems. They are communicative, trustworthy, and dedicated.
Denys Kravchenko
CTO, AdCel
See on Clutch
Dysinx is a great partner for the marketing technology company. The team is always immediately involved in solving problems. They are very attentive and quick to respond, providing several variants and tools as solutions.
Guy Gani
R&D Director, Techona
See on Clutch
The final solution was a reproducible, secure, and auto-scalable infrastructure for the company's gaming platform. Dysnix accomplished exactly what was required. A skilled team of experts, they functioned as a part of the in-house team and communicated the project's progress consistently.
Erin Driggers
Head of Cloud Engineering, Splice Machine
See on Clutch
The Dysnix did a good job of evaluating the resources they recommended for this engagement. They were knowledgeable, hard-working, skilled, and personable, meeting the client's expectations. Communication between both sides was quite smooth as well.
Eugene Fine
CTO, ExplORer Surgical Corp.
See on Clutch
The members continue to work collaboratively in order to generate a more secure infrastructure that is safer from vulnerabilities. Dysnix offers an utter understanding of the project coupled with impeccable field expertise. The client looks forward to achieving more project goals with them.
We appreciate feedback from our clients
In 2020-2021, our team was named the TOP Ukraine IT Consulting Company by Clutch providing outsourced IT solutions. In 2021 Dysnix was named as TOP Global Cloud Consulting Company.
We are proud that our clients reckon Dysnix among sustainable partners and acknowledge our input in their extremely efficient and secure scaling.
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What is Web3 infrastructure?

Web3 infrastructure refers to the foundational technologies and services that underpin the Web3 ecosystem, a decentralized and blockchain-powered evolution of the Internet. Web3 infrastructure aims to create a more open, secure, and user-centric internet, enabling trustless transactions, data ownership, and enhanced privacy for users. It includes elements like blockchain networks, decentralized applications (dApps), decentralized storage, identity systems, and consensus mechanisms. 

Within the Web3 infrastructure as a service is our favorite service pack you may be interested in. Сontact Dysnix representatives to get further information.

Why is Web3 infrastructure significant?

Web3 infrastructure is significant because it enables a more decentralized, trustless, and censorship-resistant internet. It promises to reshape the internet by decentralizing control, increasing user privacy, and enabling trustless transactions.

Many concepts of Web3 are scientifically explained and can be used in various industries of our lives: from healthcare to governmental structures. It empowers individuals with data ownership, reduces reliance on centralized intermediaries, and opens up new possibilities for innovation, such as decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and more transparent and equitable systems.

What are some key components of Web3 infrastructure?

Critical components of Web3 infrastructure include blockchain networks (e.g., Ethereum, Polkadot), smart contracts (e.g., Ethereum's Solidity), decentralized storage (e.g., IPFS, Filecoin), decentralized identity management (e.g., SelfKey, uPort), tokenization (e.g., ERC-20 tokens), and decentralized applications (DApps) built on these technologies. 

These elements work together to create a decentralized and trustless internet ecosystem, enabling Web3-powered applications and projects.

How does Web3 infrastructure differ from traditional Internet infrastructure?

Web3 infrastructure differs from traditional Internet infrastructure by decentralizing control and enhancing privacy. For example, in traditional internet infrastructure, data is often stored on centralized servers controlled by tech companies, while in Web3, data can be stored on decentralized networks like IPFS, giving users more control over their information and reducing the risk of single points of failure or data breaches.

What can Web3 infrastructure be used for?

Web3 infrastructure can be used for various applications, including decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms like Ethereum-based lending protocols (e.g., Compound), non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces (e.g., OpenSea), decentralized identity management (e.g., uPort), supply chain tracking (e.g., VeChain), and decentralized applications (DApps) in areas such as gaming, social networking, content distribution, and so on. The versatility of Web3 infrastructure in creating more transparent, secure, and user-centric solutions across industries creates a whole new market. It grows fast and we at Dysnix are happy to be a part of it.

Is Web3 infrastructure only about blockchain technology?

No, Web3 infrastructure extends beyond blockchain technology. While blockchain is a foundational component, Web3 also includes other decentralized technologies like decentralized storage (e.g., IPFS), decentralized identity (e.g., SelfKey), and decentralized communication protocols (e.g., Whisper). For example, IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) provides decentralized and censorship-resistant storage for files and content, which is an integral part of the broader Web3 ecosystem, supporting applications like file sharing and content distribution.

Who can benefit from using Web3 infrastructure?

Various entities can benefit from using Web3 infrastructure.

  • Individuals can benefit by having greater control over their personal data and online identities.
  • Businesses can benefit from enhanced security and transparency in supply chains using Web3 solutions like VeChain. 
  • Developers can create decentralized applications (DApps) on Web3 infrastructure, tapping into new revenue streams and user-centric innovations. 
  • Governments and organizations can improve trust and transparency in public services using blockchain-based solutions, such as secure voting systems. 

In essence, your project can leverage the power of Web3 to get to the goals that were previously unreachable. Consult with our team about how you can use Web3 in your project. 

How can I get started with Web3 infrastructure development?

To embark on Web3 infrastructure development, start by understanding its potential for enhancing transparency and security in various industries, like supply chain management, finance, and identity verification. Identify strategic opportunities within your organization where Web3 technology can drive innovation and operational efficiency. Collaborate with experts and explore pilot projects to demonstrate the value of Web3 solutions in achieving your business objectives. We offer to start with Dysnix as we have a great experience of skyrocketing Web3 projects. 

By embracing Web3 infrastructure, you can set your project as innovative in the evolving digital landscape, driving competitiveness and customer trust.

Are there well-known Web3 infrastructure projects and platforms?

Yes, there are many well-known projects and platforms in the Web3 ecosystem, including Ethereum, Filecoin, Solana, Polkadot, IPFS, Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), and various DeFi protocols such as MakerDAO, PancakeSwap, and Uniswap. By the way, we made lots of innovations for PancakeSwap to help it reach today’s scale and popularity. Let us know if you need similar services for any Web3 infrastructure projects or platforms.