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AI/ML Development

Design architecture for Big Data projects with requirements for High Availability and High Performance. Dysnix uses progressive software solutions stack, like Hadoop/Spark, Apache Kafka, Airflow DAG framework, Kubernetes.

Our Benefits

Dysnix can build high performance, scalability and high availability infrastructure, using cost-effective underlayers (preemptible instances in GCP or own OpenStack cluster with Kubernetes on bare metal)
  • Preemptible instances in GCP

    Preemptible instances in GCP

  • Own cluster on bare metal

    Own cluster on bare metal


We have experience with build data analysis services and support them.

  • NLP


  • Sentiment analyses

    Sentiment analyses

  • SVM


  • Regressing



  • hadoop
  • tensorflow
  • kafka
  • spacy
  • apache spark
  • airflow
  • learn

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