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Who We Are?

  • 95% of our collaborations are long-term

    95% of our collaborations are long-term

  • We master challenging tasks where others give up

    We master challenging tasks where others give up

  • 87% of our clients recommend us to their partners

    87% of our clients recommend us to their partners

Professional Opinion

Eugene Fine

CTO, ExplORer Surgical

I can assess the level of third-party expertise because I’m an engineer myself and manage my team. Skills and knowledge of the Dysnix team in the fields of DevOps, Architecture of Cloud Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, and Blockchain are 10 out of 10. Dysnix impressed us with their deep expertise and experience in completing very complex tasks that most engineers simply could not take on.

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Guy Gani

R&D Director at Techona

Dysnix accomplished exactly what we needed. The dedicated team was amazing - they always supported us with and were always available. Dysnix is a team of a top-level, implying their skills and expertise, and definitely one of the best DevOps teams I have ever met. Within 2-3 weeks of working on the project, Dysnix experts became a part of our in-house team. For me, this is an indicator of high-quality service provision.

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Denis Kravchenko


Efficient, stable and scalable architecture is vital for AdCel. With fast growth and adding new features Dysnix (formerly Arilot) helped us to keep up with our infrastructure needs and to prevent growth problems in the future. Dysnix Engineers dived deep into our infrastructure and came back with a concrete diagram and specific proposal outlining every step needed to get AdCel from point A to point B smoothly and with the best possible security in place.

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  • kubernetes
  • aws
  • gcp
  • solidity
  • python
  • nodejs
  • go
  • docker
  • tensorflow
  • airflow
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