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Blockchain App Development

Dysnix has been providing the service of Blockchain App development since 2016. Blockchain is one of the progressive technologies that has already changed the world.
And we are in love with progressive technologies.

Our Advantages

  • Expert Blockchain Dev Team

    Expert Blockchain Dev Team

  • Own solutions for cryptocurrencies

    Own Solutions for Cryptocurrencies

  • Start MVP in 2 weeks

    Start MVP in 2 weeks

  • Extreme Security Polices

    Extreme Security Polices


  • DApp Development

    DApps Development

    • Full-Stack Development of Decentralized Application (Using Ethereum or Hyperledger Blockchains)
  • Smart Contracts Development & Audit

    Smart Contracts Development & Audit

    • ERC20, ERC721 Ethereum contract development
    • Custom Solidity Contracts Creation
    • Developing Custom Contracts for Hyperledger
  • Hyperledger Development

    Hyperledger Development

    • Deployment of High Availability Hyperledger Fabric Cluster Using Kubernetes into Any k8s-Supported Platforms (AWS/GCP)
    • Smart Contract Development (Javascript)
    • Integration of Hyperledger API with any Front-End or Mobile Application
  • Private Blockchain Development

    Private Blockchain Development

    • Starting Your Private Blockchain on Ethereum or Hyperledger in 1 hour. Remember that Private Blockchain in Much Faster than Public Blockchain.
  • Cryptocurrency Development

    Cryptocurrency Development

    • Forking Popular Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, etc.) and Starting Client's Public or Private Blockchain with Custom Algorithm
  • ICO development

    ICO Development

    • Creating Token SmartContract
    • Developing ICO Platform for Receiving TOP10 Cryptocurrencies
    • Landing Page Development
  • Exchange platform development

    Exchange Platform Development

    • Developing Centralized Exchange on the Basis of Ready-Made Solutions
    • Developing Full Decentralized Exchange Based on Ethereum (based on 0x project)
    • Platform Hosting on High Secure and High Availability Infrastructure
  • Mining Platform Developmentg

    Mining Platform Development

    • Developing Platform for Tracking Pool Reward and Hosting Calculator
    • Making Client's Mining Pool and Hosting it in High Availability Infrastructure
    • Integration of Any Mining Pool into the System
    • Visualization of Mining Statistics in Real Time Mode
    • Ready-Made Solutions for Monitoring Miners
  • Integration of cryptocurrency payments

    Integration of Cryptocurrency Payments

    • Deployment of High Secure Self-Hosted Solution for Receiving Popular Cryptocurrencies
    • Provision of Detailed API Documentation
    • Helping Client's Developers to Integrate Lepricoin with Client's Application
    • Promptly Adding Any Additional Cryptocurrency on Request
    • Support and Consulting on Cryptocurrency Issues


  • bitcoin
  • ethereum
  • zcash
  • dash
  • bitcoin cash
  • nodejs
  • hyperledger
  • solidity
  • truffle
  • web3js
  • nem

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