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Lepricoin is the next step in the product evolution for integrating cryptocurrency payments into any platform

It is an open source product that is ideal for ecommerce platforms, ICO and mining platforms as well as mashup services that keep money under control by avoiding to pay fees.

Lepricoin is a self-hosted solution, which is our advantage. Most of our competitors do not do it.

Best for

Medium-sized businesses
Medium-sized businesses

It is really no-brainer:

  • We install Lepricoin
  • Tune it for your specific project
  • You start selling/buying with cryptocurrency, ERC-20 tokens


  • High-level security
    High-level security
  • Self-hosted solution
    Self-hosted solution
  • 3+ times faster project start
    Project start 3+ times faster
  • Lower development cost
    Lower development cost
  • Open-source
  • Integration of any ERC-20 token
    Integration with any ERC-20 token
  • fee
    0% fees


  • Using its own cryptocurrency nodes
  • Supporting operations with 'hot' and 'cold' wallets
  • Generating and pre-generating desired amount of wallets/addresses
  • Reading Blockchain operations in real-time mode (balance refill)
  • Creating outgoing transactions (withdrawal)
  • Integrating Smart Contracts (issuing and withdrawing tokens)

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