We Built Server Architecture Capable of Sustaining Any Traffic

Adcel is a mobile advertising company that provides application developers with a platform to deliver more targeted advertising to their consumers. Their technology enables our partners to show mobile application users more relevant advertising that is based on users’ interests and behaviors. In order to provide these services, they collect and use certain information about user activity and preferences.

Business Task

The customer needed a scalable server architecture to prevent potential failures during the anticipated traffic increase.

  • Solutions

    • Developed and created scalable server architecture.
    • Added automatic monitoring and logging system.
  • Value delivered by Dysnix

    • Analyzed and thoroughly investigated project’s business logic and project tasks.
    • Delivered the most efficient task solution to the customer.
  • Conclusion

    The client was provided with Saltstack-based high availability protected server architecture which has been operating fault-freely since 2017.

Denis Kravchenko


Efficient, stable and scalable architecture is vital for AdCel. With fast growth and adding new features Dysnix (formerly Arilot) helped us to keep up with our infrastructure needs and to prevent growth problems in the future. Dysnix engineers dived deep into our infrastructure and came back with a concrete diagram and specific proposal outlining every step needed to get AdCel from point A to point B smoothly and with the best possible security in place.