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Senior Full Stack Developer

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Dysnix is a boutique company providing DevOps solutions delivery and cloud consulting services with 100% Senior and Architect teams emphasizing Kubernetes, AI/ML, Blockchain technologies. We cultivate secure, stable, well-tailored infrastructures for startups and enterprises and infuse industries with tech innovations.


The SaaS admin interface with a dashboard displaying statistics on the use of the service and has the ability to make payments by card (via the Stripe API). The main challenge is to create from scratch a platform for SaaS product sales. The project is based on the latest technology stack.
The team will include a Full Stack developer and a DevOps engineer. There are also CTO and Team Lead for providing support in any difficult moments. The vacancy is well-suited for an experienced specialist who loves to challenge tasks independently, make decisions and be responsible for them. There is no micromanagement, a bare minimum of calls, and zero bureaucracy.

Essential professional experience:

  • 4+ years of Python 3;
  • 2+ year of React;
  • 0.5+ year of PostgreSQL experience;
  • 1+ years of Django Rest Framework / FastAPI / Flask;
  • English A2+ level.

Will be great if you also worked with one of those:

  • Carbon;
  • Stripe;
  • Billing systems.

Our benefits:

  • Smooth onboarding process - 4 weeks, 2-4 hours a day. It's possible to balance with the ongoing work. You will risk nothing because you will be paid for all your time spent. The trial period - typically, 1 month.
  • Development of a new project /support of the current ones - 100/ 0. New project absolutely;
  • Sharing expertise. Someone from the team moves through the thorny path of mastering a specific "new" technology and shares knowledge with other team members. This saves time and resources of everyone for the common interest of the team;
  • Payment for certification achievement. The company is ready to invest in it;
  • Here you will be at home among friends. The whole team and founders of the Company are DevOps enthusiasts who are not in favor of bureaucracy. They spread a creative atmosphere inside the Company:)

Don't hesitate to share your CV with us, you're most welcome!

Contact Head of HR directly

You can also write our Head of HR, Olha Tachilina, directly if you have any questions or just drop a few lines alongside your CV.
Use any of the contacts down below:

The features of Dysnix working process

You are the engine of the project

We guarantee you great personal freedom in the decision-making process and give you the ability to handle self-management. You can:

  • Choose the technologies you want to deal with;
  • Choose the project and client;
  • Deal with estimations and self-planning;
  • Consult with the whole team regarding any questions.

There's always practical advice for you

If you get stuck with some tricky task, use Dysnix tech shaman calls to get advice or if you are missing some piece of knowledge:

  • Join our tradition of constant training and growth in the friendly atmosphere;
  • Use the expertise of your teammate or the whole team to solve current tasks;
  • Expand your toolset knowledge with intensive courses from your coworkers.

You will be satisfied with a tech stack

We're in the innovation marathon! We conduct constant creative brainstorming, love non-trivial tasks, and apply 90% cutting-edge tools.

We'll help you become a certificated engineer

We encourage and pay for your technical certification. Just use this opportunity with us to receive qualifications of your skills.

We offer efficient working conditions

We offer our recipe for efficient work with minimum distractions. Enjoy the flexibility of the remote work and a personal schedule:

  • MON-FRI, min. 4 hours per day, started any time from 11 AM to 7 PM UTC+3
  • Paid sick leave and vacations
  • No bureaucracy, no meaningless meetings, no excessive reporting

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